Nose pins in L shapes: bring forth the quirkiness in you

L-shaped nose pin
If we had to look for one of the most popular piercing accessories for women, nose pins will figure in the top position. Even though it started off as a marital status symbol for Hindu women, nose pins have gradually cut across borders of Geography and culture and have taken their place as an universally popular fashion accessory.  They are small in size but can add real beauty and sharpen the features of your face. There are mind boggling varieties of nose pins available in market and at, we display some of the most trendiest of the lot.claw nose pin mini box

The designs of nose-pins:
The nose pins are available in different eye-catching patterns. The pin is L in shape with a beautiful gem fixed to one end. you can wear them with formal dress or casual wear. They are perfectly suitable for both conventional dressers and fashionistas. All these pieces are provided in a wonderful blend of valuable colored stones. These stones serve two-fold purposes. They enhance the appearance of the nose pin and add value to it. There are a few nose pins which are decked with a single stone; others have multiple stones attached in a range of bright colors. You get the freedom to choose which what suits your dressing style and personality.

So this jewelry offers you with:


  • Different shapes of colored gemstones like heart, moving star, pentagon star, double jeweled, triple stone,  flower with central clear stone, square, claw, jeweled heart and flat plain star.
  • The gems shine and sparkle when they catch light and are perfect to wear in discs.
  • Because the pins are made of high quality sterling silver, they can be worn regularly needing fixes.
  • They are light in weight and have a glossy surface, so won’t get attached to your clothing or hair.
  • Wear them to get the classy or the chic look. The nose pins go pretty well with most of the dresses.
  • Create your own individual look which will only turn heads anywhere you go.
  • Available in very affordable prices.

The nose pins come enclosed inside a pretty cushioned mini box that can hold 20 pieces. Visit and you will find more such fashion accessories that will give you a whole different look for the upcoming occasion.

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