Nose Piercing Type: Rings, Hoops, Screws, Pins and More

Piercing in the nose has a huge market among women in Asian countries. They have a huge fan following which that spread like a virus now globally. These different nose piercing types come from different metal material like gold, silver, steel, and others. It also has diamond gems which also add to their visual appeal.

Nose piercings come in various shapes where it applies as pins, screws or studs with bent ends. All these varieties have a distinct style statement and is wearable by women on various occasions. These are user-friendly and durable for everyday use.

They have opened doors to a huge market which has created constant demand worldwide. Women and men go crazy for this body piercing jewelry as they are visually appealing and affordable. They are user-friendly and can be worn in casual and formal occasions as well.


Popular Nose Piercing Type Depending on Your Personality

1. Nose Cone Screw

This combination of bioplastic and 14k white gold are used to make this new range of nose cone screw which is very easy to use and cheap. It attaches to pierce the ears and nose. These nose cone screws are made with bio plastic and can be made in any size. It has a separate 14k white gold heads which attach to the bio plastic screw. Both men and women prefer to use it and it is wearable daily. It also has a long shelf life because of the high-grade products in creating the jewelry.

2. Nose Hoop Ring

Another nose piercing type is the nose hoop ring. It has the shape of circular rings with a small segment of the circle. A gold star is attached to one end of the circle and this circular hoop ring can be used for piercing the nose with ease. This type of nose ring from can vary from surgical steel with gold in myriad designs. This particular set of nose hoop ring is made from 14K solid gold. It is also crafted to give you a simple look without compromising on the quality or its elegance. This is available in two varieties; in 20G and 22G. The diameter of this nose hoop ring is 8mm and it matches all of your outfits for all occasions. Since this is also very affordable, go on and buy yourself one because this is one accessory you will always love to wear.

3. Nose Pin

Nose pins go a long way in transforming your look within seconds. This is why it also becomes very important to choose the perfect nose pin that compliments your face type. It is made of gold and has a high end designing with ball ends at one end.  This is a must have nose pin if you want to give yourself that royal yet super stylish look. These days more people are opting for different nose ring jewelry type instead of the usual nose piercings. It is very economical and unique. It has high-end house manufacturing and talented jewel designers used to make these nose pins with best designs. They can be given as presents and given as prizes in competitions among women.

nose pin

4. Dangling Nose Rings

In dangling nose rings, we offer various styles of nose piercing jewelry collection in our body jewelry store. The styles and designs are simply endless. The fashion of dangling nose rings or for that matter any nose ring will always is widely accepted. It is also undeniable that dangling nose ring adds millions to the beauty of a face. Various nose piercing types are available in

5. Nose Studs

Nose studs are fascinating art design among the most luxurious nose piercing type. It is available in different unique designs!  These nose studs are available in forms of L-shaped screw rings. Nose rings are now appealing jewelry attached to the studs to add glamor and sex appeal. Women love these nose rings to daily wear and tear and wear for all occasions because of the free worldwide delivery and huge discounts.

9k gold nose pin

How Safe Your Chosen Nose Piercing Type?

Nose piercing is at its fashionable peak and it has huge followers but still many feel uncomfortable and scared of body piercing. It is because of issues like rusting which causes irritation, scars, and itchiness. There are also reports of allergies and hence using science and advanced technology Bio flex materials are used to make Nose piercings which are 100 percent safe and cause no allergies and other issues.

Variety of Materials for Nose Piercings

  •  Bio Flex

Among all the other piercing the Bio flex nose piercing type is the best. The Bio flex nose piercing is skin friendly and anti-allergic. One can rely on this nose piercing, as they are suitable for all the skin types. They are available in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. They are even available in embed colorful stones. The designs and colors are not just various but they are even rare too. The procedure of piercing is painless and there are zero chances of getting infected. The Bio flex nose piercing looks really bold and it will make you look beautiful.

nose cone screws

  • Gold

Gold is an elite material and has a grand audience when it comes to body piercing. These gold nose hoop rings have a great demand whether it’s a nose ring or a nose stud, gold has both captivate our hearts. Nose piercing is usually made from metals and acrylics but a new range of gold nose piercing type with artistic designs and industrial grade production is available on the market today. A new collection of nose rings introduces in pure yellow gold. They are in the shape of straight rings with a gold ball. These new types of nose rings are suitable for women who would love to attend parties and grand family events. It helps them look beautiful its grand visual appeal.

9K Gold Nose Pin

This nose piercing type is made from 9K gold and comes in unique shapes and sizes with the ball at one end. Neither diamonds nor gems at the other end are also available and this is very classy body jewelry to own. This comes with a simple heart design at its end and is just the right pair to wear whether you can to keep it simple or bring out your feminine side. Its thickness is 22G and the heart size is 3mm. This also comes at an affordable price and is the perfect gift for your lady love if she loves trying new designs for her nose piercing.

surgical steel nose piercing type

  • Surgical Steel

Nose piercing jewelry in surgical steel is good for human skin. It also has cheap prices and long shelf life. This nose piercing type makes the surface lasting with shine and scratch proof. Women love these simple yet stylish body jewels because they elevate the beauty of women. It is also preferable to wear in events, weddings and even for regular days. Surgical steel nose piercing type is also suitable gifts for friends and family with a constant demand because of its quality.


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