Nose piercing a raging fashion trend

These days almost 1 out of 4 women would love to flaunt their nose pins. Available in several metals from costly to the affordable ones, the craze for nose pins is spreading large. A symbol of marital status, nose pins were traditionally worn by the Muslim women folks across the globe. Today it no longer remains confined only within the Muslims, but has become an intrinsic symbol of woman’s beauty. From the boisterous, bubbly teenager to the matured corporate lady, nose pins are a favorite among all that cuts across geographies and age. A great way to gorge on the compliments about your sharp nose, nose pins are sheer way to add to the beauty.

Metals available
We understand the need for the hour and so we have a huge collection of nose pins crafted from different kinds of metals. Available in different shapes and a variety of materials used, we have the right product to suit umpteen pockets with different strength. The nose pins and studs that we have in stock could be in gold with settings of precious diamonds, or even more trendy ones in superior quality stainless steel. You can also choose from the silver collection of our nose pins. As for the golden ones, they are available in both 14 karat and 9 karat versions. As for the silver nose pins that we have in stock, the quality of metal is something we can vouch for. The vast array of products is affordable yet, something where we have not compromised on the quality.

Get drowned in our offbeat designs
Crafted with utmost perfection, we have some of the most exquisite designs in store for you. Embedded with precious gems like diamonds or even semi-precious gems like pearls and zircons, we have nose pins with screw back or even those which are wire style. If you are one of those who get bored easily, try our pack of hand painted nose pins of different shapes and colors to match your wardrobe. If you are one those who always wear your attitude, why not shop the smiley logo ball nose stud to flaunt your positive energy and vibes. There are Marijuana shaped nose studs too for the quirky soul and all of those who still have the child residing in her, go and get our range of Hello Kitty nose pins for yourself.

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