Most Popular Designs and Styles of Nose Jewelries

Body piercing has been made well known in the fashion industry and a custom among women of Asian countries. Nose jewelries add a vivid appeal to the piercing area because of the creation to express one’s individually. They help to show off the beauty and affluence. Nose jewelries are popular to many different cultures, tradition and lastly by uncountable ages. There are wide varieties of designer collections of nose piercing jewelry.

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Types of Nose Jewelries

Nose jewelries come in various designs like L shaped, screw modes, nose twisters, studs, fish tails and nose bones. They are from highest grade 14k gold with no nickel traces and are of great strength and comfort level. It is scratch-proof and from different materials. 


Nose Pin

  • Gold Nose Pin

These Gold nose pins is an evergreen body jewelry selection and no doubt they still stand for being known as the most elegant, elite and classic. Gold nose pins are taking Gold nose jewelries to the next level of grandness. These nose pins are made up of pure gold with no traces of nickel and so the product is trusted all over the globe. This trend in body piercing art has caught eyes in the fashion industry with these nose rings made of gold in its purest 14k form.

The various shapes and art forms of these nose pins are available as nose studs, twisters and fish tails. They are available in various forms like nose twisters, studs, L shaped pins, diamond nose pins and ball headed pins. All these unique models are currently being used in millions hence these are extravagant 14k gold nose pins. These are wearable every day with ease and are available in various designs for even teenagers and the younger generation.

White gold is a beautiful shade because it’s highly polished. They are elegantly set with the high quality of CZ gemstone. When designed in gold, no styles go out of fashion. All these nose pins are the use of piercing the nose safely and in a hygienic way and they are safe and used at ease.

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  • Black Stone Nose Pin

Each of the premium quality stone nose pins is made of genuine .925 Sterling Silver. Nowadays, nose jewelries stand to be the most popular body piercing.

  • Diamond Gold Nose Pin

These nose pins are made of gold where the length is bent at one end, which forms a beautiful nose pin 9k gold jewelry. They depict the word Love which is eternally binding women with their men all over so it’s a perfect romantic gift and gesture. It comes in yellow and white gold with stones and diamonds in one end. They have huge sex appeal and wearable by women who love their nose jewelries and accessories. It is very economical too.

nose studs

Nose Studs

These nose studs are made more appealing by attaching gems of wild colors and diamonds to make it grand. Women love them and flaunt them on every available occasion with elegance and beauty. Rose symbolizes love, passion and also femininity. This gets the nose studs an actual opportunity to add it’s spark to the piercing jewelry.

  • Surgical Steel Nose Stud

The nose studs are made of quality tested and medically certified surgical steel which has no skin effects. They are available in straight barbells and studs with curved ends.

  • Hand Painted Nose Studs

These nose studs are sparkling and easy to wear. It looks good on every shape of the nose. Body piercing lovers will absolutely love them. Just wish they had the curl which helps keep them in a bit better.

  • Diamond Nose Stud offers a real 1.5mm diamond nose stud with a sensual look.  It’s a beautiful 9K Gold L-shape nose stud with genuine diamond brilliant round cut with its thickness of 22G.  Another style like 1.5mm 20g nose diamond gold is this beautiful cut of round stone but the size is 20g.

  • Gold Nose Studs

Body piercing is where every detail in the making and aspects is considerable. This new addition of gold studs which are of pure 9k yellow gold is durable and shining and ameasuresas 22 gauges and 6mm. They are unique and compact. They can also carry anywhere and used all times with ease with no scratches and rust. This nose stud has a ball end with the shape of a butterfly with a stone embedded in the center.

nose screw

Nose Screw

  •  Gold Nose Screw

These 14k Gold screw Nose jewelries are head turners in parties and discotheques because they shine as funky jewelry. It has grand style pieces with a low cost that’s affordable all over the world. It is wearable by both men and women. Nose body jewelry has these piercing rings which have a screw at one end so they can hold together. They are user-friendly and made with tested 14k Gold and hence these are glittering 14k gold screw nose pins. These nose rings are slowly crawling into the women’s styling collection because they are durable with high-grade manufacturing techniques.

nose ring

Nose Ring

  • Sterling Silver Nose Ring

The heart nose rings are designed with a 925 sterling silver charm. These studs come in a variety of colors so you can change them with your outfits. They are made up of silver and come in colors like green, white, pink, blue and purple. You can easily slip them on and can change them with your outfits. Add a little glam to your personality with the trendy gold heart nose rings. Nose studs, rings, and threaded accessories are available in several colors and materials. This nose stud with a golden heart can easily fit into your nostril and can go with any outfit.

  • Multicolour Nose Jewelries

They are the fashionable nose studs in the top quality rhinestones. This body jewelry store also has a light gem flower straight nose pin. This nose pin is a stunning piece if you are looking for something different.

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Popular Designs of Nose Jewelries


  • Colored Nose Jewelries

Nothing exudes glamor more than an extravagant piece of jewelry. Our body jewelry blitz of colored nose pins offers amazing prices. These nose pins is an alt set to be comfortable and one of the hottest for the holiday season.

  • Skull Nose

One of the most popular piercing jewelry in this time is Skull Nose Stud that offers. 3mm nose stud is one of a fascinating body piercing jewelry collections whether for wholesale or retail.

  • Turquoise Nose

Turquoise which is an opaque has its beautiful flaunt with a blue green in color and also popular to be the healing aura. This nose jewelries add a vibrant pretty color to your nose piercing. This nose ring is in.925 sterling silver.

  • Rose Nose Studs

Today rose inspires over thousands of people. The rose considers as a personalized gift with the deeper sentiment. Rose gold nose stud is rich and pretty and they are very comfortable and light-weight.

  • Music Nose Stud

In two styles, our music nose studs are a handmade music note heart forged from sterling silver into shape. It has finished with a music note nose sterling silver stem with its size of 20g and 6mm ball end. They are available in ball end, straight end nose pin silver mini box.

 nose jewelry designs

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