Non Moving Belly Rings- Full of Style, Variety and Benefits

Naval piercing is extremely sensual and quite trendy for women who have lovely flat washboard stomach and feel proud to flaunt it. There are only few more ways to flaunt your perfect belly than using a stunning non moving belly ring on your beautiful naval. It enhances the bold personality of any woman of any age who simply loves her body and wants to have a diva look. With terrific midsections you can experiment with different styles of non moving belly rings like the ones with stones or the simple metal ones. A wide variety of belly piercings are available in the market some being really gorgeous which will definitely impress your man.

Why Non-Moving?

Non moving belly rings are the best choice for those women who are irritated by the dangly nature of belly piercings. You can make your own style statement and also have a carefree time with a non moving belly ring which will stick to your naval and make it look more gorgeous. You can have the traditional banana barbell non moving belly rings with balls or the more unconventional ones. With experimentation becoming the buzz word in the fashion industry, you can find lot more options to choose from. However, one thing must be mentioned that the banana barbell non moving belly rings are easiest to maintain.

Different Shapes and Sizes of Belly Rings

If you are looking for colorful non moving belly rings you can buy the ones with different shapes like heart, star, leaves, fruits, body parts, cosmic signs and symbols, animals, soft toys, insects encrusted with different stones. You can have them customized according to your design as well. One of the biggest advantages of a non moving belly ring is that it is the cheapest option in terms of price. So, you can have the most colorful and exceptionally designed belly piercing which will be light on your pocket.

Your creative desire can also be expressed by having a spiral non moving belly ring. This typically appears like a spring and has barbells instead of curves. The most interesting part of such a belly piercing is that it twists. Such non moving belly rings usually have balls along with barbells and can be spotted in various colors and with gems and jewels to make it appear more appealing. You can also choose from curved barbells, captive belly rings, belly closures if you love to experiment with the piercings.

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