Non dangle belly button rings

Belly button rings are one of the hottest and sexiest body jewelry pieces around Belly button rings dangle . The youth love the modern and fun designs that these belly button rings come with Belly button rings. Belly button piercings are so famous because they are relatively simple to maintain and can be easily hidden belly button.


Infinity Sign Jeweled Navel Belly Ring         Jeweled Owl Silver Belly Ring        Fancy Jeweled Navel Banana

Traditionally the belly button rings were the non dangling types. One can say that they are older generation of the body jewelry market. The non dangle variety of belly button rings can be of different types and like any other form of jewelry they can be made of any kind of metal like gold, silver, platinum etc.


Dangling Jeweled Designer Banana Bar Navel Ring      Dangling Jewel Star Belly Ring       Dangling Jeweled Butterfly Curved Bar Belly Ring

The silver belly button rings have gained a lot of popularity because of the different aesthetic styles that can be created out of them. They have a very subtle look and are also available at reasonable prices. These silver belly button rings are also safe on the skin.

The surgical steel belly button rings are a favorite because these are hypoallergenic belly button rings that effectively reduce any risk
of infection that might occur. Besides this major reason the steel belly button rings are cheaper than the silver rings and hence are famous with the youth.

The non dangle belly button rings usually consist of short bar belly button rings that are sometimes also called a banana-bell.

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