How to Boosts Confidence with Nipple Piercing Jewelries

Though there are many kinds of body piercing. Nipple piercing considers being one of the boldest and widest choices of body piercing. It means piercing the lower side of the nipple which is quite becoming a trend these days. Nipple piercing jewelry is the new and trending erotic body art jewelry among women.

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The Advantage of Using Nipple Jewelry

Nipple body rings can be highly exciting to wear. Women and men of almost all ages usually wear body piercing jewelry as a manifestation of their boldness and self-confidence. Nipple jewelry is fun, sexy and fashionable. To get that exotic look wear stylish nipple rings.

You can get nipple rings elegantly designed in the form of interesting and alluring shapes such as heart, flower and lots more. You can otherwise opt to have nipple bars which are as trendy as rings. This nipple jewelry comes with colorful and stunning jewels and is surely an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry to buy.

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Different Types of Nipple Piercing Jewelries

Body Jewelry piercing comes with almost all sorts of shapes, sizes. It adds from various parts of the body, such as from the lip, ear lobe, belly button to the nipple. Nipple jewelry is a unique type of body piercing and considers to be one of the hottest accessories.

UV Nipple Bars

Piercebody offers nipple bars that are made from surgical steel and are acrylic apart from also being flexible. These come with a variety of UV fancy balls, one end; these UV balls react under the UV light to give out a shine of its own. The UV nipple piercing jewelries are available in many sizes varying from 6mm to 10mm. The ball size is 1.2x3mm and these also available in plenty of colors for you to choose from.

Surgical Steel Nipple Piercing

These days, you can get nipple jewelry that is from distinctive metals including surgical steel. Surgical steel nipple jewelry is best for those who are allergic to other metals. A nipple piercing involves piercing in the sensitive parts of the skin, it is better to choose nipple jewelry made from surgical steel. You can choose these in different elegant designs and set with stones in bright colors.

Surgical steel nipple rings are erotic body art. Nipple rings are perfectly made of surgical steel so they can be wearable as wear and tear and are economical in price and available in wide varieties. Men can gift these rings to their women and express their love and glamorize their erotic love for each other.

Nipple Rounder

Nipple rounder is a jewelry that has a design mainly for male nipples. It is very funky and unique jewelry. The rounder can slide over the nipple and the barbell passes through the round and the pierced area. The rounder usually comes with a barbell that can fit into 14, 12, 10, 8 or 6 sized gauges. The gauge is measured by the inside diameter. The 316L surgical barbell features a smooth polished silver design barbell in the shape of a bow and arrow. It could be even in the shape of a ring. This is very comfortable to wear and could be one of the best accessories for a night out.

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Silver Nipple Rings

Nipple rings can change the look in seconds. It adds confidence within you and gives a shape to your body. The idea of wearing a nipple ring excites and enhances the impact of your personality. We have many designs of nipple rings to match your personality to give you a brand new look. Nipple silver rings have a different style and shape with stimulating metal chains which give sensations to the bearer. These nipple rings have many uses from flash to pleasure. We will not find a more diverse collection of nipple rings, our store promises to offer you the best.

These are erotic surgical steel nipple rings that come in various shapes and sizes. It attached gems and stones and even precious diamonds with a higher price tag. Go for the spectacular jewels that rest on each side of the nipple bar or choose an intricate floral design if you so fancy. You are free to buy an exotic double snake that comes entwined at both the corners of your shining silver nipple bar too.

Nipple Barbells

Tongue and nipple barbells also use to portray body piercing with erotica and glamour which would make a huge appeal to male audiences. Either men or women can develop a taste for these tongue and nipple barbell rings. It composed of 316 L surgical steel and has high durability and they come in a wide range of funky colors and they are also mixed with UV material which gives them a glow in the dark. These tongue barbells have beads at both ends shaped like a dumbbell and the UV balls have the funky appearance with the effect of UV light and hence these products have created a fashion trend with growing fans.

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Largest Online Body Piercing Jewelry Manufacturer

Why not be straightforward and opt for a nipple piercing jewelries? Try out the range of superb collection that Piercebody offers and invent your own style. You do not have to think about infection even. These fantastic nipple piercing jewelries are suitable for all body types and you can wear them without a thought in the least.

Nipple Jewelry is worn mainly by females though it is not exclusive to them. It is becoming more popular in recent times. A huge variety of silver jewelry is available from simple curved barbells, nipple ring, pendants, and nipple gem captive bead rings gem.

Piercebody offers a large selection of nipple rings and other nipple piercing jewelry including both regular nipple shields 10mm nipple jewelry. Body piercing has been more intimate and sexy with this new, bold range of appealing nipple piercing jewelries. This body jewelry type poses no threat to human conditions and is rust free and is anti-oxidized. It helps for a smooth outer surface for sensitive skin and it is suitable for daily wear and tear because of its scratch resistance.

These nipple piercing pieces of jewelry are made of various colored stones and diamonds embedded in the outer circular surface which make the piercing unique and sexy for women. They are cheap and can be gifted to loved ones to make a wild gesture.


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