New and fashionable black disc Dermal Anchor Tops

Black Disc Dermal Anchor Tops
Dermal piercings are a latest fashion rage. Not only is a dermal piercing safe and comfortable, it is equally durable; hence a lot of young people irrespective of sex, is opting for dermal piercings in recent times. The black disc dermal anchor tops in our collection are another unisex accessory which is very much in vogue.

What is a dermal anchor?
A dermal anchor comprises of an ornamental gem or bead which is visible on the outer surface and a flat portion which is firmly inserted into the skin. The part that is visible can be replaced with beads and gems of different colors and shapes from time to time. Hence you can achieve a different look every time.

Surgical steel as material:
Some metals are acceptable to wear if you have a dermal piercing and some you should firmly keep away from. That is because not all metals are suitable for your skin when it is in the process of healing. It is best to choose a metal which does not react with your skin in any way. Sterling silver, gold or gold filled jewelry should be avoided by all means as they are not gentle on skin and absorb fluids from the piercing. Surgical steel dermal anchor tops are devoid of any such side effects.

Features of black disc dermal anchor tops:

  • Available in so many sizes like 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5mm.
  • Perfect for any kind of piercings, be it lip, tongue or ear.
  • Piercings market is generally ruled by girls. But this is one piece of jewelry which even a guy can carry around with style and ease.
  • More suited for somebody with a bold appearance, someone who loves to experiment with his or her looks and is not afraid to try out the “cool”.
  • Very easy to use and comfortable for skin because of the gentle material.
  • Very much affordable. You can get them at as low a range as $0.99
  • Low maintenance hazard.

Go ahead and buy these black disc dermal anchor tops if you want to create your own individualistic style statement. Because these tops will stand out, be sure you will be the cynosure at every party. To know more about similar products like this, you can always visit

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