New Belly Button Rings

Belly buttons being a fashion statement there is a great demand for various types of belly button rings to cater to various tastes and needs belly button banana. Day by day innovative designs are making a foray into the market ranging from cute to trendy to being an absolute white gold belly
statement piece.roses spinal belly button


Infinity Sign Jeweled Navel Belly Ring      Gold Platted Jeweled OWL Pendant      Virgin Mary Jeweled Pendant

Some of the new types of belly button rings to make a foray into the market are the green belly button and the rose belly button which makes a fashion statement rose gold belly. While the green belly button can make the choice for those who have a penchant love of those things which are green but for the more romantically inclined one can opt for the rose belly button rings. BCR ring

The rose belly button ring can also make a perfect gift for any special occasion for a couple as it is an intimate jewel.


Milk White BioFlex base Jeweled Belly Ring              Jeweled Belly Ring
However, one can either opt for famous high end design belly buttons or can stick to simple plain belly button rings, whatever may be the choice, and belly button rings rose gold belly rings will make the desired fashion statement.
After the healing process one can opt for any design for belly button rings however care should be taken while choosing the belly button rings. The new range of belly button rings will guarantee satisfaction with the high end fashion statement.

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