Neon Yellow 316L Surgical Steel Straight Barbells

Neon Yellow 316L Surgical Steel Straight BarbellsThe nasallang piercing is one of the coolest piercings of the recent years which requires piercing the left and right nostrils along with a pierced septum. So the advantage of a nasallang piercing is that you will have three major piercings rolled into one. You will not have to pierce the nostrils and the septum separately; you can have all of them pierced together. Single piece of jewelry will take care of the entire piercing which is known as the nasallang piercing. The nasallang piercing resembles an industrial piercing in its essence but is done for the nose instead of ears.
Straight barbells are used for nasallang piercing much like industrial piercings. Piercebody has an entire range of straight barbells made of different materials. This particular neon yellow 316l surgical steel straight barbell is one of the most exciting items in our inventory. The color of the piece is unique and the fact that it is made from surgical steel makes it safe for use. The barbell is 14g which is a normal piercing size and comes at an affordable rate. Piercebody understands the pulse of the customers and hence offers mind blowing products at an affordable rate.
Since, this piercing is particularly popular among youngsters and also among people, who love to experiment with body modifications, it comes at a cool price and in a wide range of colors, designs and materials. During a nasallang piercing the nostrils have a slightly lower piercing position because the barbell must go through the septum as well which is the lowest portion of the nose. The placement of the straight barbell might vary depending on the shape of the nose of an individual and also the extent of the nasal cartilage. Since, this is a rare piercing; it is advisable to talk to an experienced piercer before you decide to go for this.
The nasallang piercing was introduced during the 1990s by the famous piercer from California known as Cliff Cadaver. Bobby Brady was the first celeb to have flaunted this nasallang piercing. The best way to get the piercing done in a single session because in that way there is less migration trouble for the owner. It takes longer period to heal than normal nostrils piercings or septum piercings. It is also at times referred to as a tri-nasal piercing but the essential difference lies in the fact that this piercing has only a single straight barbell connecting the 3 holes.

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