Neon Rose 316L Surgical steel Straight Barbells

Neon Rose 316L Surgical steel Straight BarbellsSo, you wish to have a chin piercing and not a lowbret or extra lowbret piercing. That’s good. Lot of people do not understand the difference between a lowbret piercing and the chin piercing but you do. However, I will state the difference for all those who are not aware of the chin piercing. The chin piercing is a fantastic piercing which is done directly on the chin or on the beard zone for men. It is done in the center of the chin and looks great on both men and women though this piercing is mostly done by men to add a little extra to their beard zone.
The chin piercing is done vertically through the skin of the chin and appears in front of the chin. Technically it is a surface piercing but with plenty of skin, muscle and elasticity, chin piercing is done with barbell instead of a surface bar. Therefore, it is not treated as a surface piercing. Barbell body jewelry of various materials can be used on the chin zone and Piercebody has an amazing collection of barbells for this kind of piercing. This particular straight barbell has a neon rose color and is made from surgical steel.
The neon rose 316l surgical steel straight barbell will look great on the chin because of its color. Its bright color makes it visible from afar and the 14g barbell is perfect for the chin. The skin of a man is generally thicker than that of a woman; this barbell fits into both the categories quite well. In a chin piercing both the ends of the barbell will be visible which will make this item more special. If you are a man the neon rose barbell will shine through your beard and if you are a woman, then it will enhance the shape of your chin making you look more attractive.
The chin piercing takes longer than many facial piercings to heal completely. However, this is absolutely a long-term piercing and is increasingly emerging as a trend especially among young men. You can have this piercing combining with other lip piercings like standard labret or snake bites or even cyber bites. It will also look great with canine bites. Taking good care of the chin piercing is extremely important because it is involved in chewing, talking and other facial expressions. Therefore, follow the aftercare diligently.

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