Neon Green 316L Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Neon Green 316L Surgical Steel Curved BarbellsHave you heard of a vertical labret piercing? Does it make you think like it is a common piercing with a labret stud being pushed into the skin below your lower lip? Then you are wrong and you have to stretch your imagination little more than that. When people hear the word labret they generally think like I just mentioned above, however, a vertical labret piercing is done through the lower lip and below it. The jewelry actually goes through your lower lip vertically parallel to the tissue inside the lip. So with a variation in the position lot can be changed and one can look extremely different.
This is generally done with a curved barbell and Piercebody has a wide range of curved barbells to fulfill your desire of having a vertical labret piercing. This neon green 316l surgical steel curved barbell looks awesome with its flashy color and strong built. It is a 16g barbell can be used for lip piercing easily. The jewelry item will enhance the fullness of your lips and make them appear more appealing. Moreover, the products are available at an extremely affordable price with guaranteed quality. There are various advantages to the vertical labret piercing over standard labret piercing.
Vertical labret does not interfere with your oral hygiene because no part of the curved barbell enters your mouth. Two perforations are made on the lower lip and the jewelry enters through the top and exists through the second hole. So no amount of the jewelry is inside your mouth thus making it a more hygienic version of labret piercing. However, for the jewelry to be placed properly, you must find out a professionally sound piercer who knows exactly what he/she is doing. Cleanliness and amiability must also be taken into account while searching for a piercing parlor.
The piercer will clamp your lower lip after marking the spots which you must check in the mirror. Using a sterilized hollow needle he will make the piercing which will begin at the bottom reaching the top. The piercer will insert the jewelry while piercing the lip and the first preference is a 16g which is the size the neon jewelry item has. Do follow the aftercare instructions properly and you will find that after 3 days the swelling subsides and you can talk, smile or chew easily. It takes around 10 weeks to heal completely. Good luck with your piercing!

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