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Navel rings are extremely sexy body piercing jewelry. A navel ring attracts a lot of attention since it is an adornment on one of the sexiest parts of the body Bottom navel dangling, the navel. If someone has a body that can be flaunted with a beautiful waistline and a flat belly display contains , then a navel ring on it is like the cherry on the cake. It is an expression of your appeal. belly flower


Infinity Sign Jeweled Navel Belly Ring              Fancy Jeweled Navel Banana

There are different styles and designs available where belly button rings are concerned. One can find the dangling ones as well as the non- dangling ones. One can opt for the jeweled ones that are embedded with semi-precious or precious stones and one can also opt for a simple crafty belly ring.belly ring cherry

Belly Bar with Multi Glitter Star UV balls  

A very famous variety that attracts a lot of girls is the tortoise belly button ring. This ring is a very adorable piece of body accessory.
It has a beautifully crafted tortoise dangling from it. The tortoise may be a simple metal one or one that is jeweled with stones.

One can choose from the different colors and sizes that she thinks will suits her best.


Belly Bar with Heart UV balls                Green Crystal Rugby Ball Belly Banana

If you are wondering about the price of the belly button rings, then stop thinking so much and have a look at the belly button rings for sale that are available in many online stores. You can get your favorite tortoise belly button ring from our store. 

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