Naval adornments for the bold and the trendy

Jeweled Dangling Flower Navel Belly Ring
Looking for a way to flaunt those washboard abs, well has just the right adornments for you. Navel belly rings in cute and quirky designs will make your tummy look all the more attractive! If you are one bold and vivacious young woman trying to make an equally courageous fashion statement, we have an assortment of gorgeous navel rings just waiting for you.

What is naval piercing?
It is one of the most common and most popular piercings today. Back in the ‘90s when Alicia Silverstone showed her gorgeous belly getting pierced in the Aerosmith music video, the trend caught the wind and since then it has been all in rage. What makes naval piercing even more popular is the fact that it can be made visible and invisible according to the individual’s wish. Going for a formal occasion? Just cover your piercing with clothing! Simple.

Naval jewelry:
Among the naval jewelries, barbells are the most widely used. Very often the piercing on the belly is made with a curved barbell and is recommended that it be worn till the piercing heals. You can get a wide range of designs and shapes in barbells, starting from curved to ones which have dangling flowers, stars and other beads hanging from them. In fact, at our online store, the beautiful jeweled dangling flower naval belly ring is receiving a lot of attention from the piercing lovers.

Description of the dangling flower naval ring:
This particular naval ring of our collection is a spectacle in itself. The bar and the ball are made of surgical steel, the safest metal which you can trust not to give you any kind of skin infections. The charm part on the other hand is made of 925 Sterling silver with a beautiful glossy finish making the ring look all high profile. It is embedded in attractive gem which comes in a beautiful flower design. The flowers are available in wonderful colors like Lavender, Aqua, Pink, Red, Dark blue, amethyst, emerald, peridot, black. The stones add that exquisite feminine touch to your look. This jewelry is light in weight too!
Moreover, these naval rings are very easy on purse. Each comes at a price of $5.47.
So, to adorn your belly I the latest fashion trends, visit our online store,

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