Nail Stickers: Nail em!

When it comes to fashion, knows that nails are the best accessory for you nail polish. That is why introduces a whole new arena of Nail stickers that are easy to use and are sure to fetch you admiration and compliment from envious eyes. Here’s your know-how:

What are these?
Nail Stickers are small adhesive stickers designed for your beautiful nails. They decorate your nails in various designs, and are applicable to your bare nails. These  Stickers are placed individually on each nail and are conveniently available in in varying designs like Jeweled French Nail, Di Cut Heart French Nail Sticker, Diamond Shaped French Nail Sticker and Star with jewels French Nail Sticker, to name a few.

Why Nail Stickers?
In the modern consciousness fashion has taken a great leap forward. Self awareness and self style are nowadays synonymous to fashion. As a result of this progress, various body art methods have gained momentum. Nail art in that sense, has emanated as a distinct means to embellish your personality every day, complimenting every outfit you adapt for any event. But good nail art suffers certain lacunas which these nail stickers at piercebody .com, overcome.

  • Primarily, detailed Nail ‘sticker’ art does not require any professional like real nail art. Here you do it in accordance with your own preferences.
  • Next, hiring professional would be expensive but here you get nail stickers that are cheap to your pocket yet, worth every penny spent.
  • Then, Nail ‘Sticker’ art is much less time consuming than the entire “professional affair”! Who has time for minute bejeweling and polka dotting?
  • Again, Nail ‘Sticker’ art is smudge free, clean, and simple. It is readily bejeweled and gorgeously prepared beforehand to etherize your hands.
  • Also, Nail ‘Sticker’ art is easily removable with any good remover.

Additionally, these Nail ‘stickers’ are specially conceptualized with the reflection of the French artful nail styles and the French manicure art patterns. Therefore these are unique and unimaginably low-priced in comparison to their aesthetic value.

What are the steps to ‘Nail’ the Stickers?

  1. Nails should be clean from oil and makeup.
  2. Clear protective top sheet on Sticker should be cut and removed.
  3. Sticker should be firmly placed on to clear and dry nail with design.

For long lasting clear nail polish coat on Sticker should be applied after finishing.

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