Nail Stickers- A Complete Nail Makeover

Have you ever thought of getting over your same boring nails? It’s true that every time you do a session of manicure or pedicure to make your hands and toes look lovely, the same dull nail polish Couple Ring  spread over your finger or toe nails just bogs you down. Get rid of the same old look, and get into an easy mode of beautifying your nails. Touch it up with some whacky designs that are so easily available with us.

The first step to Nail makeover
Begin with a usual manicure regime of cleaning your nails and nourishing them with the best cream. Once you are done with the cleaning and scrubbing part, get the nails to shape. Before you try the myriad designs on your nails it is important to get them all chiseled out so that the fixtures can be added easily.

Get to know the shape of your nails
It is true that not all women would have the same kind of nail. The shape might differ from being round shaped to being conical or even a little squarish. Choose the right shape for your nails. In case you are not fond of your round nails, first shape them out with the filers. The shape of your nails will determine the type of nail sticker you choose. Once you know the type of nail you have, you can shape out the stickers too, so that they easily blend with your natural nails.

Adding a character to your nails
You don’t need to rack your brains to add a zing to your boring nails. Choose from the myriad diamond shaped nail stickers that we have in store. Made of the most hygienic materials it is even safe for children and teenagers. Our nail stickers are non toxic which makes them innocuous even for the toddler in your vicinity.

All you need to do is get the stickers out from their boxes and stick them with glue in a jiffy. Our nail stickers have been purposely made natural colored, so that they can flaunt the design that you have in your mind. Try out some nice floral designs on them if you’re a romantic by heart, or some animal or cartoon design if you are a child at heart.

For a perfect formal look though, just get some French manicure on the nail stickers that you have picked from our collection. With these nail stickers available at a meagre price, there is no stopping to flamboyant nail design!

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