Wide Variety of UV Belly Rings that Completes Your Look

Wearing UV belly rings is one of the hottest ways of flaunting your body piercing. Curved UV and Steel Piercing Barbells make exquisite belly bananas. It is also a combination of surgical steel along with UV and steel curved barbell material.

Use a variety of logos to put your message across. While the more quirky shapes embossed on the barbell ends have the power to capture attention like no other. You are free to try out the best friend belly button rings as well and lure Lady Luck as it starts glowing in the dark, thanks to the UV ends. It is not easy to resist either and can be extremely comfortable for daily use with its durability being one of the key factors of its popularity.

uv belly rings

UV Belly Ring Designs and Styles

UV belly rings and barbells make excellent body piercing jewelry when you have one in an unusual place i.e. the lip, eyebrow or belly button. The brightly colored balls, dice, hearts, and cones can definitely make you the cynosure of all eyes even as you shimmy at the party courtesy the glowing ends of your new steel curved barbell banana and ball jewelry. You are free to choose from hundreds of shapes and logos embossed on the colored balls too. It also includes cute belly button rings, dangle belly button rings and having a smiley or an evil face dangling from the end of your eyebrow or lip can surely make you the talk of the town.

UV rings

Kinds of Belly Button


UV Belly Banana Ring

These are made from surgical steel and the UV material. The curved banana measures 10mm while the ball on the top side measures 5mm and the ball on the bottom side measure 8mm. These are available in a multitude of colors and you choose your pick depending on the colors that suit your skin color best or the color that compliments your outfit best. These are also available at affordable prices and discounts.

UV Belly Banana Ring

UV Circular Barbells

Circular barbell comes with simplistic designs are greatly attracted. You can get these in different designs, metals, and types. However, if you desire to have a sparkling and glowing effect all the way when you go in night parties or discos then UV circular barbell jewelry is certainly for you.

They are the unique style of fashion to opt in to have exquisite look. Barbells are perfect to choose for anybody who is piercing may be for ear, eyebrow, belly button piercing kit or any other. These are available in several forms such as spiral, straight, curved and circular types.


UV Circular Barbells

Finding a Legit UV Belly Rings Manufacturer

Why look elsewhere when you have the opportunity to choose your body piercing jewelry at the drop of a hat? You surely need not go beyond piercebody.com when it is an affordable belly button piercing cost. Its unique combo of circular barbells and UV balls that you covet for flaunting your body piercings. Thread the anti-allergic steel and UV barbell carefully through your eyebrow, belly button or tongue piercings and make your friends see red or go green with envy even as the multi-hued balls at the end of the flex jewelry winks at them in the dark. You are free to take the opposite route and go for the steel ball and UV barbell combo as well.

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