Multiple Joined Hearts Screw Fit Tunnel

You would definitely love to have a sea faring totem on your body, if you happen to be a sailor at heart. True that it is usually the guys who sport ships, sailing boats, and anchors on their bodies as jewelry but there is nothing wrong in doing it even if you belong to the fair sex community. The best way to grab the attention of all and sundry is to get your ears stretched with the help of a pair of flesh tunnels that depict your love for the sea in detail.

You do not have to search high and low for a suitable jewelry though. Try login in to and your search is bound to end there. You are sure to come across gorgeous items made of 316L stainless steel that not only satisfies your quest for the totems of your choice but will also keep your skin safe from infections and allergies that are normally associated with fashion jewelry especially the ones meant for stretched ears.

You can actually hope to stretch your piercings slowly and surely by 2 mm at a time via this beautiful anchor embossed flesh tunnel that comes in varying sizes of 8mm-20mm.

You do not have to worry about keeping it fixed either. The internal screw on the flesh tunnels will help to keep it firmly attached to the ear so that you will not lose it in any circumstances even, if you party all night. Wearing this beautiful vintage anchor will not only make you look attractive but it will stand apart as a classy item that looks priceless.

Another advantage that you get by choosing this versatile metal as the base material for jewelry is the ease of keeping it clean. There is no need to resort to expensive methods like autoclaving or buying fancy chemical cleaners; a simple rub with a soft wet sponge will work wonders making it seem as good as new.

The vintage anchor flesh tunnel can also serve as an ideal gift for your friends. Go ahead and get a handful from the most convenient online store for body piercing jewelry. You stand to gain an added advantage here too as you have to pay only $1.99 per piece if you order more than a 100 items. The base price of $2.49 per pair of flesh tunnels holds good when you do not have the need for more than 4 pieces though.

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