Multiple Hearts Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnels

Multiple Hearts Screw Fit Ear Flesh TunnelsHave you always wanted to get an exotic ear piercing but did not have an idea about what consists of an exotic ear piercing? Let me tell you about that. An exotic ear piercing is something which is unique but fashionable. For instance, an earlobe piercing is quite common but a lobe tunnel stretching is exotic because it is rare and appears striking. Nowadays you can have any body part pierced to flaunt your unique sense of style. But making ear piercings look exotic is a challenging task because so many people sport it. A cartilage piercing would be called exotic even a couple of before but now with its widespread acceptance, it is a common ear piercing which can be made special or unique by exploring new areas on your cartilage.
However, you can choose lobe tunnels because these are still considered exotic and unique. You can either go for direct stretching by dermal punchers or opt for gradual stretching with tapers and tapes. Whichever method you choose a lobe tunnel looks exciting. How much you can stretch depends on your wish and of course on the elasticity of your earlobe. You can either have a single piece of jewelry or you can hang another piece from the stretched lobe itself. Hanging hoops from stretched lobes is quite unique and appears exotic. You can opt for flesh tunnel which sits snugly on your pierced earlobe. The one offered by Piercebody has multiple hearts screw fit ear flesh tunnels inside the hollow tunnel made from 316l stainless steel which is the safest material for stretching.
This is an external screw type piercing jewelry item which is available in a wide range of size including 8-20mm. You must have heard about wearing heart on the sleeves, but with this ear tunnel you will wear hearts on your earlobes. You can either opt for a single jewelry items or have both ears stretched. If you have a tattoo to pair up with the stretched earlobes, it will appear even more exotic. So, stop thinking and quickly get your exotic ear piercing.
There are some other piercings which can also be considered exotic depending on the degree of innovation involved in those ear piercings. Transverse ear piercing and helix ear piercing can be exotic if you can use unique jewelry items. However, orbital and industrial piercings look exotic due to their position and also forward helix because it is tough and quite adventurous in its feel and look.

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