Multi Wood Stick Earring

Wearing a fortune on your body in the form of jewelry may enhance your prestige somewhat in the material world but it does nothing to make you stand out in a crowd. Again, you would have to be extremely careful about your earrings lest they fall off from your delicate ears. What a loss that would be then! It is, therefore, best to go for the extremely trendy albeit cost effective earrings that can enhance your looks and help to make you a fashion diva in less than an hour.Why not go for the chunky pair of earrings made out of multiple kinds of wood? They happen to be trendy, inexpensive, and eco friendly at the same time. Choosing an organic pair of multi wood stick earring from the reputable online store is sure to have you breathe easy as you do not have to be overtly conscious about checking either the quality or the price from the store that has a long standing reputation of pleasing all its customers greatly.

Do take a long and hard look at it and zoom in for close scrutiny before you decide to part with your hard earned money. Multiple woods give the earring a pleasant contrasting hue that is hard to mimic with synthetic materials. The all natural look is definitely a part of the appeal here. You can inquire about the varieties of wood used in the earring too. Maple, cedar, walnut, and redwood are all commonly in use and you will be excited to view the beautiful play of light and shade when two different types of wood are placed in close juxtaposition. This unique pair of wood earring is sure to enhance your beauty and you might well prepare yourself for the close attention that is going to be focused on you now thanks to the spectacular multi wood stick earring.

Stick earrings depict the ancient style of the tribals and you would definitely feel closer to Mother Earth once you go out with the gorgeous pair affixed to your ears. Wearing the stick earrings is no rocket science either. It can be described as a cakewalk on the contrary. All you have to do is to push the wooden stick into your ear piercing and fasten the chunky earring to it. Be sure to secure it at either end firmly and you are ready to wow the world by paying just $1.20 for a pair. Isn’t that fantabulous!

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