Multi Wood Organic Stick Earring

When editors, celebs, fashion models flaunt their pierced ears with more and more cluster jewelries, you know that piercing has arrived on the fashion scene strongly. Ear is the most favorite body part in terms of fashion and the relative piercing jewelries the most sought after. With all sorts of personalized adornment facilities, piercing has never been so much fun. Cartilage is gaining in popularity with jewelry items and cute jewelry items set in various beautiful patterns are found on the ears’ helix. Studs, bars, hoops and rings have all made into the list of helix piercing.

This multi wood organic stick earring is a unique item made from wood which is absolutely skin friendly and looks excellent on you. This unique piece can be used for helix piercing and also industrial piercing by you. Since, personalized ear piercing is so much in vogue today, you can even find out a new area for piercing on your ear to fit this pretty and exclusive item on your ears. Since, the stick runs through the middle of the ring it holds the ring securely on its place. In fact, this ring is versatile enough to look good on cartilage and lobe piercings.

Your piercing patterns could involve delicate jewelry items or chunky ones according to your taste and your personality. In fact, the latest trend is to attach those items with dainty chains so that they look more delicate and beautiful. Chains not only provide security but also sophisticated style. The ear has almost become a canvas where the piercer and the owner paint their patterns with jewelries. While deciding the style of your piercing it helps when you have an experienced piercer to talk to. Both of you can discuss about the type because it is bespoke piercing.

Fashion industry itself has come out of the safe zone piercing which is the earlobe. The placement of the jewelry on a particular pierced hole actually determines whether the piercing is subtle, edgy or sweet. Piercing is catching up on all sorts of crowds and people are getting inspired from their friends, co-workers and peers. However, one must realize that a single type does not look good on everybody. So, find out what your style is before getting a piercing done. This will save you any grumble afterwards. Go for an industrial piercing with this multi wood organic stick earring and invent your style.

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