Multi Jeweled Owl Dangling Navel Belly Ring

Multi Jeweled Owl Dangling Navel Belly RingAre you a fan of nighttime wildlife? Then, this multi jeweled owl dangling navel belly ring is ideal for you. Owl is one of the most popular motifs in contemporary jewelry items. It is a trendy design which is a little scary but adventurous too. There is something very unique about the shape of an owl; its head which rotates 360°; its eyes which are large round and hypnotic. An owl gives an eerie feeling but it also hypnotizes you and that’s the charm of an owl. This hypnotic effect is captured by jewelry designers for their clients.

This owl offered to you by piercebody is made of sterling silver and has gemstones as its eyes. There is a wide variety of colorful high quality gemstones used in the eyes of the owl. The ball and bar are fashioned out of surgical steel or titanium which is a safe metal for skin. The owl is intricately designed on sterling silver and there is another larger stone on its head. This dangling navel ring looks striking from afar and is also light in weight. When you have such a wonderful body modification stuff it also becomes vital to protect it.

Unfortunately, sometimes the piercing area gets infected. But if you know what to do and how to recognize it and take a few important steps then you can restore your piercing. It is normal for the belly button region to be irritated when it is pierced. Salt water solution and tea tree oil is helpful in reducing pain and accelerating the healing process. But sometimes even if you have done everything to promote healing things go wrong. You have to check what color is the discharge and whether the skin is streaky red to find out that the region is infected.

You may experience abnormal swelling or hypertonic scar which is a circular and hard granular tissue either at the top or lower lip. Sometimes you may also experience the development of a smooth reddish bump resembling a bubble which is known as hyper granulation on your piercing. This happens when the jewelry is too tight on the skin, so meet your piercer and ask for a longer barbell to be inserted. If you notice thicker, yellowish pus oozing out of the piercing you have been infected and it is time to see your family physician. The area also gets too hot to touch at times. Doctor’s consultation is advised under this circumstance.

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