Multi Crystal Stones Serrate Leaf Pendent

Multi Crystal stones serrate leaf PendentLeaf or leaves have always been quite an interesting motif in the realm of jewelry designing. They have a lovely artistic shape and also denote the beginning of a new chapter in life or mark the end of one. Hence, leaves have always intrigued jewelry designers and they have given different shapes to these natural objects to make a jewelry item appear beautiful. Leaf is one of the most popular nature inspired motifs in jewelry designing which never grows old and neither does it fade away. If you search your jewelry box properly, you will definitely find out at least one such piece of jewelry which has a nature inspired theme and a leafy design on it.

This particular leaf pendant is crafted meticulously from sterling silver which is a high grade of silver and is frequently used to make jewelry items which are light in weight. Silver has an inherent charm and is also quite durable so possessing one such item will only add to the glamour of your wardrobe. There is an easy to insert hook at the top of the pendant which makes it quite easy for the pendant to slide on to a chain, silver chain preferably. You can also wear this pendant with a white gold chain to match its color.

Talking about the color, the pendant has bicolor crystal stones which make the pendant glitter and sparkle and dazzle. With the perfect artistic shape and lovely crystal stone color combinations, the leaf pendant is the most outstanding piece of jewelry that you will ever own. Buyers will get a wide range of color combinations for the leaf. You can think of any combination and you can have it. So, refer to those colors from your childhood which you always wanted to have on your favorite piece of jewelry and you shall have it. After all, who said leaves have only one color- green, paint them with the colors of your imagination and you can have as many color combinations you want.

You can go for pink and white, green and white, black and white, red and white, blue and white, turquoise and white and so on. You can have multiple pendants to match with each dress you own. The crystal leaf pendants come at a reasonable price from piercebody. Thus, add a touch of art to your mini skirt this party season with the crystal leaf pendant.

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