Moving Jeweled Kiss Belly Ring

Flaunting your navel is not for everyone, certainly! You do need guts and a certain amount of bravado to do it with élan. Getting a body piercing may be common but opting to get your belly button pierced is not that common place anymore. The result of the piercing once done is not something to be scoffed at either. It does look elegant particularly when you have a shimmering, glistening jeweled ring dangling from your smooth belly. It is a sure shot way of captivating the members of opposite sex as well. Baring your midriff is in again. So you will not have to search high and low for appropriate clothing either.

However, do not make it an everyday affair though. Your belly rings are special, meant to be worn on special occasions or while you party. It does look exceptionally cool at a night club though especially when you have scintillating gems studded in your belly ring that shimmers and glitters as you move in time to music.

Make sure that your piercing is completely healed before you choose to thread a ring through it for the first time. While it is mandatory to keep your piercing clean at all times, it also helps to evade infection, if you observe the same for your jewelry. This will definitely keep infection away. But why should you worry about irritations and skin safety when you are determined to buy all your entire repertoire from, an online store that is both convenient and safe for you?

Sure, you have your eyes on the superlative item of kiss belly ring that is jeweled heavily with pink, green, blue and clear diamond like gems that shine with a soft light every time you move. The ball and banana so crucial to the insertion of the belly ring is made with surgical steel, a metal that guarantees 100% skin safety whether you wear it for a night or decide to keep it on under your clothes for several days at a stretch.

The word KISS is fashioned out of sterling silver, again a metal that will make you feel precious indeed. Go ahead and select the belly rings without getting distracted. Do remember that choosing to buy at least 3 of these beautiful gem studded belly rings will make you eligible for a hefty discounted price of $5.32 per piece. It is the wholesale rate that cannot dream of getting elsewhere.

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