Moving Jeweled Cross Belly Ring

A cross is the special mark of Our Lord. It also happens to be one of the most popular designs that are worn as jewelry. While wearing a cross on your neck as a form of pendant is exceedingly common, dangling this sacred sign of Christ from your navel may considered to be a sacrilege for many. Fret not however! You can certainly try it out. It does not actually insult your God but serves as a totem that is kept close to your body as a sign of protection, on the contrary.

Surely you will not hesitate to try it out and flaunt it to the rest of the world? Just take a moment to log in to and be ready to get amazed at their spectacular collection of moving jeweled cross belly rings. You will not get a minute to be bored as you shift your gaze from one brilliantly colored gem stone to the other, carved into a quaint cross. From emerald green to the mysterious dark blue, and an enticing pink, there is no possible hue that you will not get it in. You will even have the opportunity for choosing a jeweled cross in jet black that is an excellent way to titillate your admirers especially, if you are not too comfortable about wearing religious symbols on your body.

Sure, the lower half of the belly ring moves freely along with you and you will be able to express yourself wonderfully well as the lights dim and music starts playing within your favorite night club. Remember to look up the standard sizes of a belly ring and then compare them with your choice at this excellent online store of No worries, you will find nothing amiss here as the makers follow the standardization regulations and are finicky about offering jewelry of the highest quality themselves.

What about the material though? Check out the bar and barbell combo. It is made of surgical steel that is completely safe for your body. Forget stainless steel here! That belongs to the kitchen surely! So 316L surgical steel it is that not only ensures the safety of your skin but also helps your body in the healing process should you harm yourself unintentionally. The dangler is fashioned out of Sterling Silver that makes your belly ring a pretty trinket indeed.

Spending €3.65 a piece for 2 of them should not be hard on your pocket either. You are in for a hefty discount once you increase the quantity too. Isn’t that a fabulous deal?


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