Micro Setting Sapphire Jeweled Ear Clip

Micro setting sapphire jeweled ear clip is an exclusive item brought to you by piercebody. Flawlessly crafted and uniquely designed the blue sapphire micro setting ear clip is one of a kind. Micro setting is an extremely difficult technique which experienced craftsmen use to create masterpieces. This particular item is more special because it is micro set with blue sapphires, a gemstone which is extremely popular for its fashion appeal and also due to its astrological elements. Blue sapphire is associated with Saturn in astrology and hence is quite a powerful stone. Besides, the intense blue color of the gemstone used in this ear clip is the most popular one.
Micro set jewelry items have a special appeal to fashionista and jewelry aficionados because of its precision in setting the gemstones on a particular item. The more precise a micro pave is, the more expensive it is. Perfect micro setting jewelry items are unique in their own way and every woman and man would love to possess it. Micro setting is also precious because it is generally hand crafted by craftsmen. The beads or prongs set in uniform line for holding the stones are cut by hand and that requires lot of dedication thereby making micro setting jewelry items exclusive.
A micro setting uses more tiny gemstones than in any other technique which renders it that extraordinary appeal. This also makes the pieces more delicate and you have to take care of the items more closely. However, with this particular piece carved out of brass with rhodium plating, you really do not have to worry about maintaining it. The sparkly appearance created by micro setting in incomparable to any other. While micro setting is practiced today at large, finding a micro set sapphire piece is still rare. People who love to wear sapphire studded items generally wear it like a big rock on their rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. But with this piece you will have the opportunity of wearing a rare ear clip which has micro pave set blue sapphire.
Blue sapphire has been the prized possession of many famous personalities including the royalty of England. The Queen and the Princess have exclusive pieces carved out of sapphire. Now, you can also have a chance of sharing that royal feeling with this exclusive sapphire ear clip. Since it is in the form a ear clip, it is easy to wear and to remove. Have your moment of glamour with the micro setting sapphire jeweled ear clip!

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