Micro Setting Leaf Pendant with Rhodium

Leaf is one of the most aesthetic jewelry motifs. It has been explored through ages by many jewelry designers on various types of jewelry. Ideal for nature lovers and also for people who love to wear delicate looking ornaments, the leaf is really a beautiful way of artistic expression. This particular jewelry displayed in piercebody is made from brass with rhodium plating providing it a perfectly glossy finish and flawless look. Also the leaf has micro setting designs on it which makes it glittery and shiny. The rhodium plating ensures long life to the pendant.
The pendant as a jewelry item can be traced back to 1600s when people have been discovered wearing pendants. Even then they used different metals to craft pendants and some had gemstones on them. Today pendant is quite a famous part of jewelry which is generally used for necklaces, bracelets and sometimes earrings also. One of the most innovative uses of pendants is seen on scarves. Beautiful pendants are hung from scarves almost giving the feel of a huge necklace. Women who are accustomed to wear or dupattas in India enjoy wearing this particular kind of fashion accessory known as the pendant scarf.
It appears beautiful when wrapped around the neck. The pendant scarves appear in various colors, and designs. Some have really elaborately carved pendants hanging from the. The combination of a fashion accessory with jewelry item is quite functional fashion considering the person does not have to wear a necklace to adorn her neck everytime she wishes to look stylish; she can just put on her scarf studded with a gorgeous pendant. The lead pendant can be worn with any outfit; casual or formal. It has an elegance and charm which will be transferred into the wearer and she will definitely turn heads. Pair it up with a simple looking earring and you are ready for the party.
Pendants are generally worn with long chains. But there is no such written rule and hence you can experiment with a shorter chain if you wish. You can also attach with an ornate necklace as a centerpiece to attract more attention. A pendant necklace can also be a part of a multi layered ensemble. In that case, you must bear in mind that your outfit should not be gaudy or catchy. Pendants have been an integral part of any lady’s wardrobe since years. Smart, elegant, beautiful and aesthetic a pendant has always added charm to a woman’s personality.

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