Micro Dermal Top Jewelry

New art in the body piercing and tattoo industry is the microdermal jewelry piercing. It is a kind of single-point piercing. This type of piercing is usually done to adorn the flat and thick skin areas where one cannot use a ring or a stud.dermal anchors top

Jeweled Dermal Anchors  

There are different kinds of microdermal jewelry tops. One can go for the eternally classic microdermal tops with precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, ruby, emerald etc. These petite, shiny and delicate tops can be sported on any part of the

Like the other body jewelry, the anchor jewelry is also available in different sizes. One can find a wide range from 2mm to 5mm dermal anchor tops. 5mm refers to the width of the jewelry piece.

The Hello Kitty microdermal jewelry is a growing favorite especially among the young girls. It has the cute Hello Kitty logo on it and makes for a very cute sight of the skin.

A new kind of microdermal jewelry that is being endorsed by many is the skin divers. A skin diver is meant to be used on high-motion areas like the hips. They are very decorative and easy to put in.

Dermal Anchors with Black ball Top  Crystal stone Dermal Anchor Top  Logo Dermal Anchor Tops

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