Making a Style Statement with Belly Button Piercing

While for some belly button piercing is a personal statement, for others it’s like being a bit edgy and surprising others with this body art. For some it’s just a simple desire to adorn their body. No matter what the reason is, there are many of you who want to get this done and have fun with it.  In most cases, piercers suggest that a captive bead ring or a curved barbell is used for belly button piercing instead of a decorative ring.

How do you decide on the Jewelry?
It is preferable to use a jewelry that is devoid of gems and dangles as these might get stuck in your clothes and can be painful, especially if the pierced area hasn’t healed fully.  The choice however lies with you and some piercers even allow the wearer to bring their own ring. It is necessary that belly button piercings are healed completely before you change rings.

Types of Jewelry for Belly Button Piercings
Jewelry for belly button piercings has also become quite popular in the recent years. There are several new designs such as the ancient Bali jewelry designs that are in vogue in the recent times. However, barbells remain the most popular jewelry for belly button piercing. In most cases, a curved barbell is used for navel piercing and it is advised to wear the same till the area is healed completely.  Some of the most widely used jewelry for such piercings includes barbells with dangling pendants, captive bead rings and simple curved barbells.
There is a standard for naval barbells which measures 1.6 mm in thickness and 11.1 mm or 9.5mm in length. This is also known as a 14-gauge post. The cap on the barbell is of 5mm diameter for the upper and 8mm for the lower.  Every navel jewelry is different from the other. Full rings such as captive bead rings are different from navel banana bells.  People without pierced navels can also opt for a new jewelry called clip-on earnings.

Cost of Belly Button Piercing
The cost of belly button piercing largely depends on the place from where you are getting the piercing done and also on the cost of the jewelry for the same. Custom rings may cost comparatively higher.
Your choice of jewelry is what will make your belly button piercing stand out among the rest. When the piercing has healed completely, you are ready to flaunt the jewelry and make a fashion statement. You can also change the belly piercing jewellery to reflect your mood.

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