Make a Bold Style Statement with Nipple Piercing

When it comes to Nipple Piercing, there is something more at stake than just getting this body pierced. Often people are not comfortable with exposing this part of the body to a stranger. But for that matter all you need to remember is that the piercer is a professional. So if you have overcome the initial awkwardness, you can choose to get your nipples pierced. It is usually the base of the nipple that is pierced. Nipple piercing can be done both ways, i.e. horizontally and vertically though the latter is less common.Nipple shield

Things to be Careful of During Nipple Piercing
In some people, nipple piercings have taken longer to heal.  It is quite fleshly and therefore it should be pierced with adequate caution to prevent rejection. The piercing should be securely done with a lot of skin and the jewelry gauge should not be too thin. These increase the chances of the jewelry being rejected and also of metal allergies and infections. Tugging or pulling the jewelry too often can also cause the rejection of the piercing.

Different Kinds of Nipple Piercing Jewelry
Once the piercing is over and the area healed considerably, you have a whole range of attractive nipple piercing jewelry to choose from.  There are various kinds of jewelry that can be worn around your piercing. These include circular barbells, ball closure rings and also straight barbells.

Nipple bars are some of the most basic jewelries for nipple piercings. These come in a wide variety of materials and styles and therefore you can choose from either flexible Bioflex nipple bars for sensitive piercings while there are the colorful and classical surgical steel bars for the regular piercings.

Then there are nipple rings which also come in special varieties gold plated. You can choose from smooth segment rings to ball closure rings and circular barbells. Each of these rings gives a different look and feel and it is up to you to choose between a simple and classic look or opt for some funky designs.

If you are one of those who wish to make a fashion statement by showing off your nipple piercings, then you can easily choose nipple shields.  These attractive shields are not only easy to wear but are available in a wide range of black line, titanium and silver designs.

If you are wondering where to get the jewelry from, then the answer to your question are the whole lot of websites that cater to the demand for nipple piercing jewelry.

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