Magnificent Multi Color Changing LED Ear Flesh Tunnels

Ear rings can definitely make you stand out and grab all the attention. There is no need to think of your ear piercing jewelry as an obscure hardly visible component either. Spunk up your ear piercing by extending it with the aid of flesh tunnels and captivate the world once and for all. Be careful about screwing it in though. Fret not, you only have to do it once, the internal screw keeps it totally secure and you have no fear of losing your precious ear tunnels without being aware.
The base material may be of different materials from precious to semi precious and ordinary common place ones. Opting for a surgical steel ear flesh tunnel will, give you the opportunity of keeping your skin blemish free throughout the long usage of ear expanding jewelry. Go all funky on your friends by choosing to light up your ear piercing via a pair of exciting LED operated ear flesh tunnels that keeps changing color and flashing in the dark.
From red to green and yellow, your ear piercing jewelry remains the center of attraction even as you sway and twirl the night long. Adding a tiny electronic circuit to your earlobe or operating the LED ear flesh tunnels is a matter of choice, however. The only thing that matters is how you look with the nerdy and slightly goopy ear flesh tunnels in place. Be ready to give a free reign to your colorful imagination and flash on the lights in your ear jewelry for a blue, pink or white illumination that shines through the crystal or gems studded flesh tunnels.
So, go on and stay up while the wild party goes on and on. Enthrall your friends and surprise them out of their wits by lighting up your ear tunnels that flash in multi color while the LED lights keep you firmly in the focus.
Remember to read the instructions carefully though. You are welcome to try out this novel and spectacular item at before you decide to brighten up your life finally. Push or press on the tiny switch to activate the glow that enables your ear jewelry to change hues so attractively. You can also choose to shut off the changing medley of colored lights and opt for a steady glare of white light that will highlight your expanded ear in a positive way.
The price of this interesting ear tunnels are extremely affordable too. You would do well to buy a number of them at a wholesale rate and take advantage of a huge discount at the same time.

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