Magnetic Cone Earring

Magnetic EarringFake earrings provide the pleasure of showing off your style and fashion without going through the pain. These are ideal choices for men and women who do not want have their ears pierced to wear earrings. These are also great choices for children because they may be scared to have their ears pierced. Fake magnetic earrings are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these are suitable for kids as well. Since it is easy to wear and is available in a wide range of colors you can buy and store a number of them. This particular magnetic cone is fantastic to look at and great to wear.

If you are thinking where can I buy fake piercings Jewelry, Piercebody brings such amazing pieces for the customers. The black magnetic cone is UV reactive which means that it will glow under sunlight and also means that it will glow under LED light. Magnetic jewelry is quite interesting because of the mechanism and also due to the fact that it easy to wear without any push or pull of the jewelry. They are affixed to the ears with the help of 2 magnets, one on each side of the earlobes and thus they are temporary. The earrings appear in 2 halves and are placed facing the opposite sides.

Usually, the magnet is decorated to cover it up. Jewels or any type of color can be used for this purpose. Magnetic earrings are generally powerful but they last longest when the magnet behind the earlobe is attached to a disk earring back. If there is only the magnet at the back of the earlobe, it may slip off due to sweat. A disk will prevent that from happening. Lots of people are wearing magnetic earrings because they look cool and successfully provide the impression of actually pierced ears.

Another version of fake earring is available in the market, that of stick-ons. The stick-on earring is a unique and recent invention in fake earring genre. Stick-ons come on a sheet and the best part is that they are available in various funny designs. It is great for kids and also for adults. Kids can wear it all the time while for adults it is most suitable for costume parties. The earring has no backside and it is glued on the earlobe. Extremely easy to wear kids enjoy wearing these and adults can experiment with this cute variety of non-pierced earrings which are not in the form of earrings actually!

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