Dark Blue Anodised 316l Surgical Steel Madonna Labrets

Advantage of Using Madonna Labret

Madonna labret, a lovely lip jewelry is not for everyone. You are sure to feel privileged once you opt for a Madonna piercing jewelry on your upper lip though. Threading a small jewel through lends your face a certain character. And you are sure enough of getting the attention you rightly deserve.

Bioflex Madonna Labret

Also known as Monroe or Crawford, this tiny yet permanent jewelry is ready to sport the jewelry. No worries on that score though. The lip, particularly the upper lip is fleshy enough to heal quickly. So you do not have to wait for weeks or months in order to insert a stunning piece of jewelry through it. Keeping the piercing clean for a few days and following the instructions of your piercer to a T should be enough.

Best Madonna Labret Alternatives

Flower Top Madonna Labret

Now comes the exciting part of shopping for the proper adornment. Sure, you want to show off your Madonna piercing by means of a labret. But there are quite a few things to consider here. First comes the material though. You may go with a precious metal like gold and silver of course! It will do you good to think awhile though. You may not have that kind of money for one, especially, if you happen to be a young person just embarking on a career, wearing a gold stud on your lips does not look appropriate too, the Madonna lip piercing is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful Hollywood star and you would do well to go for something out of the ordinary here.

It is best to settle for stainless steel though especially the 316L variety that takes care of your skin like your own mother, allowing no infections, irritations, or allergies to mar your smooth and blemish free skin. It is a tailor made situation for you that lets you look classy and hip at the same time courtesy your super Madonna labret that has been anodized with a deep blue hue. There is no problem to search high and low for the labret of your choice either. A simple login in at Piercebody.com will do.

 Gold Madonna Labret

Check out the cost effective whole sale rates at the online store and remember to buy a wholesale body jewelry no minimum order of 40 items at the unbelievable price of $1.40. No, you do not have to feel pressurized with 40 identical labrets now. You are free to mix and match the colored jewels that go perfectly with every dress you own.

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