Madonna Labret with Jeweled Push Fit Top

A labret happens to be any piece of ornamentation that can be pushed into your lip piercing whether it is a shard of bone, shell or jewelry made of precious metal. But that is the conventional description you are talking about. A labret especially a Madonna labret is not mere adornment. It means much more. The very fact that you took the pain to go for a Madonna or Monroe style of lip piercing speaks volumes about your intention to be different. The ordinary fashion is not for you. On the contrary you hope to set the trend and not follow others blindly.

It is no surprise therefore that you would want to go for a labret that is unique in many ways. First things first though. Look at the ease of threading it into your delicate piercing. It is definitely worth a try. So, make up your mind to log in to and then get ready to feast your eyes on the massive collection amassed here. Red, blue, yellow, and turquoise, each jewel on top of the Madonna labret glitters with a life of its own. It is really difficult to separate them from the real gems that you can only find the homes of the rich and famous.

Who cares though? You will be perfectly happy with your surgical steel labret that hugs your piercing snugly thereby making it stand out. In short, your face takes on a unique character courtesy the Madonna labret with a colorful jewel on top. You may also be likened to the immortal Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe, who had a beauty spot in the exact place that you sport your labret. Remember to get a handful and more of these lovely labrets while you are shopping at this wonderful online store. The price is sure to astound you too.

Just imagine getting it for a mere pittance of $0.70 each! Remember that this is the wholesale rate and you can only get the benefit of the low price when you buy at least 70 pieces together. No worries though! All these labrets are sure to be coveted and you can have a field day by giving them out as gifts whatever be the occasion.

You might like to keep quite a few for yourself too! Changing your labret along with your dress is truly a novelty. Your friends are sure to turn green with envy on watching you match your labret with your attire every time you go out.

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