14G Banana with 5mm ball and spike, cone

The Madison piercing is a rare type of piercing in terms of surface piercing. If you are looking to have a rare and unique piercing around the throat region, then you can go for Madison piercing.In fact, throat piercing in general is quite a unique piercing and also a not common one. So, if you get a throat piercing done, it will become an attraction.

madison piercing


How to Acquire Madison Piercing

Madison piercing exists since the 90’s but very few people have got this. It considers also being extremely sexy and bold and associates with adult film star Madison Stone. Either due to its location or its association, not many women try this kind of piercing procedure.

However, if you decide to get it done, you can either go for dermal jewelry or for curved barbells. And captive bead rings are also applicable for this kind of piercing.  The jewelry places horizontally at the base of the neck above the center of the collarbone.

The area is also known as jugular notch. You can buy the 14g banana with 5mm ball and spike and cone for the Madison piercing from Piercebody which doesn’t only look outrageously sexy but adds a charm to the piercing.  Made from surgical steel, the specialty of this item is the combination of balls and cones in a single barbell. Both the ball and the cone will be visible in this piercing because it is place horizontally. This item is obtainable at a affordable price from Piercebody.com and 14g banana is perfect for any type of body modification.


Why You Need a Professional to Get a Madison Piercing

Find out a hygienic piercing parlour in your area to get this piercing procedure done. In fact, do not go for a piercing without an experience professional piercer. It is always wise to go and find out more about the place before you decide to pierce. Like any critical piercing aftercare is extremely important for this piercing to prevent migration, rejection and infection. Moreover, placing the jewelry item properly is too important for this piercing because having a low piercing will not get tangle with clothes.

On the other hand, in case of high piercing, the skin movement will cause irritation which will result in rejection. Hence, marking the points is really important.
Saline soak is mandatory and also remember to keep the area dry. Wear clothes that are not tight towards your neck so that it reduces the chances of entangled jewelry. Flaunt your Madison proudly!

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