Luxury high-end navel jewelry

trendy luxury high-end navel jewelry

Pink Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Ring

Any discussion about body jewelry will never keep the belly button rings isolated. One of the sexiest and the most desirable body jewelry is the navel piercing jewelry. The way it adorns the beautiful belly in between the sexy curves of the waist can attract anybody heart navel.

A sexy belly button ring enhances the sex appeal in a woman manifolds 2mm ball stud, especially the woman is seen wearing a short top with a low waist pair of jeans. It can become a piece of envy as well as admiration among peers and onlookers.

Light Yellow Crystal stone Heart Banana Bar Belly Ring

The belly button rings popularity, especially among the young girls has always risen. It is a very bold fashion statement that girls make with the belly rings fdbly 317. There are different kinds of belly rings, both in terms of their sizes as well as their designs.

One can find the latest ghost belly button ring or the cuter turtle navel ring and the belly button ring elephant in any of the body jewelry store.

Pink Star Dream Catcher Belly Ring

The ghost face belly ring is a funky ring with a face of a ghost on it. It is also available in glow-in-the-dark variety to make it more interesting.

Different kinds of belly rings are available is only available at, whether it’s a wholesale or a retail. You can pick the one that you think describes you the best.

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