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Microdermal piercing is a new type of piercing which can be performed anywhere on your body, and it looks beautiful. You can get it
done by implanting a part of the jewelry, known as anchor, under your sub dermal tissue. While the other part of the jewelry remains visible. With the help of these piercings, you’ll be able to create various patterns, and be stylish.

Jeweled Dermal Anchors

If you want to keep your permanent piercing on for a very long time then go for these dermal anchors, because we have a wide range
of designs as well as sizes to suit your style need and give you an appearance that will make you stand out.

The titanium microdermal anchors are a great way to start; they’re available in different designs including the ones with studded jewels. The crystal stone micro dermal anchor tops made of titanium G23 are a great option to get a highly fashionable look, they’re available in different colors and a 14G thread.

This 5mm tiny dermal gem top comes with an epoxy cover to stop the crystal stone from falling out.

Crystal stone Dermal Anchor Top

You can also check out our wide range of cute dermal jewelry, including the jeweled flower dermal anchor with 1.6x3mm size or the heart shaped jeweled dermal top. The microdermal tops jewelry butterfly is also an interesting option; it comes with titanium G23 base
and a surgical steel top. These anchor piercings are a fantastic option to show off your accentuated style.

Logo Dermal Anchor Tops

Meanwhile, another popular piercing these days is the hip piercing. You can check out the hip piercing ball 5mm, made of surgical steel. It surely is a unique way of gaining the attention, as it looks great.

The piercing is done in the style of dermal tops and there are low chances of rejection. However, you just need to take special care of these piercings, and then you’re in for a highly stylish look. 

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