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Flower Jeweled Dermal Anchor Tops

Piercing on the body is the latest trend. Here is a new type of body piercing which can make you look beautiful. Try out micro dermal piercing; this type of piercing can be done under your sub dermal tissue LOGO 14. In this type of piercing, a piece of jewelry will stand visible on your skin dermal anchors tops. The visible part is known as anchor. The other parts will be lying under the skin. The ornamental dermal piercing will really look stylish.

SS Disc Dermal Anchor Tops

If you are looking for a permanent piercing, then you can try out micro dermal anchor titanium. Anchors are available in various designs and shapes. You can even buy ones which go along with your outfits. Rhinestone star shaped dermal is an interesting option. This unique stone comes in the shape of a star. They come in various colors and you can insert them with a thread. Check out our site for bulk dermal piercing tops, which will help you to enhance your style.

Logo Top Dermal piercings

Enhance your looks with perfect Fashion dermal tops. We have a huge range of exotic micro dermal jewelry which you can buy online. Try out our flat heart dermal top jewelry which will really help you to look glamorous.

The exotic micro dermal jewelry comes in various designs that can help you to get the look you want.

Dermal Anchors with logo Top

Give a sexy look to your hips with, a hip dermal punch. This dermal punch is highly biocompatible and will not create nay irritation to your body. It is made up of G23 special titanium, which has smooth surfaces. It has a flat disc which sits flush with your skin.

Adorn your head with an exquisite piece of disc dermal head piercing jewelry, piercing on one side of the head and wearing dermal jewelry is in vogue now days. Grab attention with this authentic body piercing jewelry

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