Look Stunning with Gorgeous Silicone Jewelries

Silicone is the term that undoubtedly a bit confusing as all you can remember is its use in cosmetic surgery. Fret not for the simple synthetic material has many more uses, not the least in the form of jewelry. But why should such material be fancied in the first place? Well, they are quite resistant to chemicals in the first place.

That should let you heave a sigh of relief because you certainly don’t have the time to mollycoddle your earring or necklaces while roughing it out. You want to look attractive at the same time too.


Why Should You Opt For Silicone Jewelries?

They are hot and trendy especially if you happen to be a cool 20 something with a penchant for looking ‘different.’

  • Chunky Silicone neck pieces or ear studs cone studs are eye catching and warrant plenty of positive attention.
  • Beautiful pre-pigmented silicon 925 toe artifacts can help you to show off your new dress admirably.
  • You are free to wash it in case it gets too dirty.
  • It is light to touch, soft in feel, and comfortable enough for constant use.
  • It is immensely affordable.



Silicone Jewelries are Safe from Allergies

Selecting a piercing jewelry is difficult indeed! It becomes even more challenging when you are intended to show off your newly pierced body. Piercebody is there to help you here though, and you can safely put your worries behind. Opt for the 100% safe silicone jewelry and revel in looking different. You can safely say goodbye to allergies, infections, and skin irritations now that the colorful and unique shaped silicone jewelry are adorning your body. From conventional earrings in many hues to the slightly offbeat ear plugs, you can get them in as many designs you fancy. Easy to insert and convenient to remove they keep you completely safe from accidental tearing too.



Types of Silicone Jewelries and Accessories

There is no dearth of varieties when it comes to silicone. From simple earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, the flexible material is used for singularly complex jewelry pieces too. Some of the not so common types include:

    • Unisex Ear Expander
    • Colorful Teething necklace silicone necklace
    • Engraved prayer bracelets
    • Tongue ring
    • Jeweled silicone watch
    • Silicone charms
    • Billy rings

Glow in the dark hair pins

  • Cigarette bags
  • Silicone balls



Silicone Jewelry Earrings, Plugs and Tunnels

Ear piercing has been made so easy that new designs have been introduced every day to keep up and be ahead of this race a new range of silicone ear piercing studs have been made. They are in the shape of straight studs, but with a loose screw head at one end in the form of an orchid flower and the other end in the shape of a butterfly.

The metal used is pure 316L surgical steel and is very hygienic for human use and have a long shelf life, They are suitable for regular wear and has a visual appeal because of the UV materials with the silicone earring used which just glows in the dark and wins the buyer’s, heart. Wear the silicone ear plugs in your newly pierced ear and stretch it to show off your style. The base material of implant silicone is 100% safe for your skin, and you can bid goodbye to skin irritation for good now!


Silicon ear plugs, expanders, and the tunnels are available in a wide range of designs, patterns, and bright colors. Some of these plugs, expanders and the tunnels have the most beautiful and charming gems studded over them. The designs emboss on the silicon plugs also make them look very elegant and fascinating. They are highly durable, reliable and very safe to use for skin.

The online store offers you with the broad range of collection of silicon earrings such as plugs, expanders, and tunnels at quite affordable prices. Have great charm and attractive look with colorful silicon ear plugs and tunnels.


Where can you Find an Affordable Silicone Jewelry

Check out the incredible array of earrings at piercebody.com and come back satiated with a fresh looking collection for yourself. From tiny ear studs that glow with an eerie incandescence to fake ear plugs, earrings with UV ends, spikes made with 316 L surgical steel, every item is unique and spectacular. You also gain an opportunity of gifting your near and dear ones with gorgeous ear ornaments that will not have you scrimping to save money. Shipping is free too, an offer that is simply too hard to resist. So go on and make the most of this opportunity!



Silicone Balls


For all of you are looking for a variety of silicone balls, your search for the perfect silicone balls ends here. You can find silicone balls of every type and shape here. The designs vary from stand silicone balls to plain balls. However, the real show stealer is the ornate silicone balls. They are embellished with micro stones in different colors and shimmer brilliantly in the light.

There is also a colorful mix of thread balls to spike balls and spikes in a multitude of colors to meet your needs. These silicone balls are tight and last long which and are also available at a low cost. This makes it an excellent investment to make.


Silicone Keychains



Silicone key chains are the perfect gifting item for your near and dear ones. These silicone key chains come in a colorful variety and are mostly handcrafted Body chains. So choosing this would also mean that you’ve given the gift plenty of thought and is sure to make the other person feel special body chain. These silicone key chains are made of tougher silicone material and will not break even when subjected to rough use.

Keychains are the best accessory to hold all types of keys and pen drives and they are small and compact and can be carried at all times with ease and they have a long product life when used regularly and they are very artistic and economical. There are many varieties like wooden key chains which are handcrafted to make various shapes and figures and handmade silicone roses which are multi color and healthy for the skin and have a visual appeal. The atomic ball shaped silicone keychain which has UV glowing tips protruding out of the exploding shaped silicone ball. All these models deliver worldwide and are a real crowd pleaser.

Key chains are one of essential accessories to keep house keys, pen drive, and car and bike keys safely with us on the body. These are made beautiful and attractive with artistic designs and craftsmanship and they are one of the best-selling body chain accessories which are cheap and sold worldwide. Men and women need this product and hence they are available in various shapes, designs, and colors. There are handmade wooden key chains of various figures and appealing silicone rose balls and UV glowing tips protruding out of silicone chains. These are all hot favorites among the younger generation who loves to flaunt them in style at all occasions.


Silicone Cigarette Bags


For all the cigarette lovers, fancy a cigarette bag? Look no further. The cigarette bags are designed to keep the smoking utilities under wraps and in good condition especially lighters. Give the lighters a stylish feel and make them colorful and exciting at the same time. Look for some of the finest collection and get your lighter look unique.

Silicone cigarette bags are what you need to make those lighters innovative and colorful. The bags are made of fine quality, trendy, and their other added features make them the most desired silicone jewelries and accessory. Find them in various color combination that suits the best for you.



Cannot wear custom jewelry? You do not have to be crestfallen at all especially when you have an excellent alternative in the form of silicone piercing jewelry. Just take a sneak peek at the enormous collection of silicone jewelry at piercebody.com. You are sure to be fascinated by the beauty and style of silicone jewelry collection. It happens to be as adorable as it is safe.



Silicone and Gold

One of the most precious metals that have remained popular throughout time immemorial is gold. However, it’s hard to buy ornaments made with it because of its value. Expensive solid gold pieces are out of reach for the ordinary people now, which have made jewelers come out with silicone filled gold pieces that come at a fraction of its usual value. The ornament has the same luster and brilliance of gold though and provides a real bargain.


Check out the entire range of silicone jewelries at www.piercebody.com and take home the ones you fancy.

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