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G23 Grade Titanium Jeweled BCR

G23 Grade Titanium Jeweled BCR

Have you been hitting the gym since years?  Have you recently got your navel pierced? Or have you planning to surprise your man tonight? If yes is the answer to any of these question, you have all the right to flaunt your belly by wearing some trendy, unique belly button rings.  Easy to wear, these belly buttons can help you define your belly contours with enough grace and appeal. In other words, if you want to show-off your flat belly, get ready to catch everyone’s eye with these designer belly buttons. Out of the various types of designs of belly buttons available in the market, there are major chances that you might spot the best one– the captive bead rings.

A captive bead ring (CBR), also known as ball closure ring (BCR), is one of the commonest types of designer belly button rings available nowadays. Quite simply, it is a ring with a bead. However, a bead ring never holds the bead but the pressure so created does the job. Since these Captive Bead rings are directly worn across the pierced skin, it would be of enough importance to check out for the raw material.

316L Surgical Steel is among the most sought-after options to go for while manufacturing body jewelry. This is a special type of steel that is melted in a vacuum. It has an impressive luster and is manufactured ensuring minimum alloy concentration.

G23 Titanium is the second most popular option in this series. Always remember that nobody knows your body better than yourself. If you have allergy to nickel, then 316L Surgical Steel is not for you. Then you are left with either anodized or G23 titanium metallic as the Hobson’s choice.

Now that you are all prepped up to go for a belly button that won’t irritate your skin, look for the best of designs and patterns on Piercebody.com. It is a leading webstore that deals in a wide range of unique and cheap belly button rings with free shipping, captive bead rings and navel piercings. For more, shop now!

Author: Anuradha

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