Logo Top Dermal Piercings

Logo Top Dermal PiercingsDermal piercing takes 3-6 months normally to heal completely. Since, the jewelry in dermal piercing stays beneath the skin, it needs more time to heal because the tissues take time to develop to fill up the gap and then hold the jewelry in place. Hence, it is extremely important that refrain from doing certain things during the healing period. We all know that you will definitely do it because you have pierced your body with logo top dermal piercings. The best part about the logo top dermal piercings is that they come in various designs and you can also unscrew the top once your piercing has healed to replace it with some other design.

Made from a base of titanium and a top of surgical steel, the logo dermal anchors are quite popular because of the variety in designs. In fact, it is quite fantastic to make lovely patterns with several logo top dermal anchor piercings. The more anchors you use, the more careful you have to be with your aftercare. While your piercing heals, do not allow your blood to become thin. Bleeding is a common after effect of piercing and if your blood thins the chance of bleeding increases. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because they dehydrate the body.

Avoid going to swimming pools during the healing period to keep your piercing away from infection. Limiting touch to your dermal piercings will also help. Do not touch the piercings all the time and also keep a sharp eye that no one else touches or tries to move your dermal anchor at any given point of time. Always clean your piercing with sea salt solution because it is a natural healer. Stay away from fragrant soaps. However, you may have to use soaps but ensure that they are antibacterial and do not apply them directly on the piercing. Sometimes, applying soap solution may dry your skin, apply some tea tree oil along with the salt solution to hydrate your skin.

Applying balms, ointments, oils, creams on piercing is a strict negative. These can trap bacteria inside the hole delaying the healing process. Minimize your nicotine intake during the healing period. Nicotine slows down the immune system affecting the process of healing adversely. If you cannot quit smoking try some other options which have lower levels of nicotine like nicotine gum or lozenges. Never try to replace your dermal tops before time otherwise you may end up hurting yourself.

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