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Uniqueness and individualism are a massive part of modern fashion. There is a desire to be distinctive, or even have a somewhat unusual appearance. Piercings are becoming a common way of expressing your personality, and lip piercings are among the most popular.


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There are many different types of lip piercings, and multiple types of lip jewelry to go in them. It can be confusing at times, but don’t worry, this blog post will make you an expert on all things lip piercing.

One will able to notice completely different forms of piercing like nose piercing, brow piercing different types of lip piercings.  Once involves the lip jewelry, is one among the most various piercing. It’s the most recent trend wherever the youngsters and celebrities are going crazy with the many lip piercing types.

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There are two main types of lip jewelry: studs and hoops. Of course, within that there is a wide variety of styles and designs. There are studs with simple balls or crystals, or more intricate shapes like hearts or flowers. You might think that there would be less room to explore with hoops but you’d be surprised. BCRs or ball closure rings (also called CBRs/captive bead rings) are among the most popular featuring a simple hoop with a ball that secures it. However, there are plenty of other options as well, some with jewels or beads, and others with more complicated designs.

types of lip jewelry

Of course what lip jewelry you pick will depend both on your personal style, and where the piercing is. There are a huge number of different places to get a lip piercing. To add to that, many people will get multiple lip piercings, this has gotten popular enough that some of these two piercing combinations have their own names. But regardless of where you get you lip pierced, lip piercing jewelry is a bold move to turn an ordinary style into an extraordinary style.

lip jewelries from ancient world

Lip Piercing Types

When it comes to lip rings, you have lots of options to create an awesome look. In terms of single piercings, the most popular are: the labret, Monroe/Madonna and medusa. The labret piercing is in the center, bellow the bottom lip and above the chin. The Medusa mirrors this, being above the top lip underneath the nose. The Monroe/Madonna piercings are off to the side above the top lip.

Double lip piercings are also very popular, often referred to as “bites” they are frequently worn with double studs, although hoops would also work well. Angel bites are two piercings placed above the top lip one on either side of the mouth. Snake bites are the opposite, placed bellow the bottom lip, one on the left and one on the right. The Dahlia piercing is two piercings at the corners of the mouth.

People also have two piercings close together; shark bites are a pair of piercings placed close together on either the left or right side bellow the bottom lip. Dolphin bites are similar, but placed in the center, bellow the lip and directly above the chin. Hopefully this short guide, gave some idea of the kinds of lip piercings people get, to learn more about all the options view our blog post on types of lip piercings.

The lip piercing type will influence the best type of the lip ring jewelry for you. If there is a style you like but you aren’t sure it would work with your lip piercing talk to your piercer, this is particularly important during the healing process as the wrong type of lip ring could cause irritation.

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For instance, getting captive bead rings in the Dahlia piercing at the corners of your mouth might not be the best idea because they could get in the way when you’re eating. It also keeps your piercings in a constant state of irritation and prolongs the healing process. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear CBRs later, but wait until your piercings heal. However, labret studs may be the best for starter jewelry.

  • The following lip rings are the best lip piercing types for the people who want a unique style. The best types of lip jewelry are:
    • Labret studs
    • Captive bead rings
    • Circular barbells

types of lip jewelry piercing

The best option to wear during the healing process

  • After your healing process gets over, then you must undergo further jewelry ring for the better modification.
    • Clear lip piercing retainers
    • Organic body jewelry

Clear lip piercing retainers

Most piercers will start you off with an extra-long labret stud. This is because the lip has a tendency to swell after piercing so a longer stud is required to accommodate this. However, this does have the downside of often getting in the way during eating, so you have to be careful not to move your stud too much, as this will extend the healing period. Alternatively, a captive bead ring (with a wide diameter due to swelling) might be used, which somewhat solves the eating problem (depending on where your lip piercing is), however it may move around more than a stud which could make your piercing heal slower.

Additionally, thread less or internally-threaded jewelry tends to be a better option for newly pierced lip piercings. This is because externally-threaded jewelry can scratch when it passes through your lip piercing.

how to use a lip jewelry

Although it’s perfectly natural to want to switch out your piercing as soon as possible, it is important that you’re patient. You will usually need to wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing your jewelry and preferably longer if possible. If there is a reason you need it taken out sooner, such as an infection or allergic reaction, ask your piercer to take it out for you, as they should be able to remove it with less irritation.

labret studs

The two most inert metals that body jewelry is made of. Therefore the least likely to cause an allergic reaction. Also, opt for thread less or internally-threaded jewelry. Since externally-threaded jewelry can scrape the fistula when it passes through your lip piercing.


Lip Piercing Jewelry Types

  • The major benefits of lip piercing are by wearing clear lip rings can give them a best and attractive look.
  • The lip piercing can offer the recent and horny look within the lip of the women.
  • The lip ring can chiefly involve a key role in lip piercing women will able to impress others and particularly their young man with the sexiest lip piercing.


  • Women will select their most well-liked jewelry that they need throughout lip piercing.
  • As a result of per their alternative solely, the method can take place.
  • The clear lip ring is always the best jewelry to all kind of women to avoid infection.


  • The jewelry is that the best place for them to indicate the distinctiveness and individuality to everybody.
  • The value of the jewelry also will vary according to each and everyone who needs to place lip piercing.
  • The jewelry is additionally accessible all told quite the worth ranges.
  • The assorted styles that are accessible for the lip piercing are Ti, stainless-steel which may show the wealthy and fashion trend to the women.


Best Lip Piercing Types

There are various collections of lip rings are available that can be useful for the youngsters to choose the most preferred one. The collections which are going to be listed are suitable to this trend.

  • 14K Real Gold Captive Bead Ring

The 14k real gold captive bead ring is the best ring for the transparent lip piercing for the peoples who wants to wear the lip ring in an attractive manner. The main attraction of this lip ring will be like; it is made up of pure gold which is captivated with the beads that have been provided. Since it is made up of gold it is the costliest one to buy.


  • 16g Labret Stud – Unique Monroe Piercing – Body Jewelry – Body Piercing – Lip Barbell – Lip Ring- Medusa Piercing

The 16g labret stud is almost the same form of a Monroe piercing. It’s unique in nature and it will also be available in the forms of the either body jewelry, body piercing, lip barbell, lip ring. Medusa piercing and then these all are made with surgical steel.


  • 20 Gauge Sterling Silver Continuous Hoop Earring Small Sleeper Earring Cartilage Tragus Nose Lips Ring 5mm – 10mm

The 20 gauge sterling silver continuous hoop earring is one of the best lip hoop rings there are also various forms of piercing is available rather than the tongue piercing. The various rings are small sleeper earring, cartilage, tragus, nose, lip ring. It is also made with the size of around 5mm to 10mm. Check out best wholesale lip rings here.


  • Daith Piercing Lip Ring – Eyebrow Ring Lip Piercing – Eyebrow Piercing Eyebrow Jewelry – Daith Earring Daith Jewelry – Helix Hoop Horseshoe

The dahlia piercing is one of the special piercing where clear lip piercings will be done based on the best piercer. Various forms of jewelry, earring and lip rings are also possible here. Check out wholesale body piercing jewelry at our shop.


  • Fake Lip Piercing – Fake Lip Ring Lip – Cuff Gold Lip Hoop – Delicate Lip Ring Faux Lip Ring – Gold Lip Jewelry – Tiny Lip Ring

The fake lip ring or lip piercing prefers by a lot of celebrities which involves in most import services to attract the young generation to follow the trend that the stars are following in their movie.


  • Fake Lip Ring – Faux Lip Ring – Lip Hoop – Lip Cuff – Clip on Lip Ring

There is also faux lip ring as a type of the fake lip ring. It uses a lot of models to expose the latest trend to evolve the other services. This is a cute lip piercing jewelry which consists of various lip cuffs, lip hoops and certain clip present on the lip ring.


  • Fake Lip Rings – Snake Bites Lip Cuffs (No Piercing Required) – Black – 20 Gauge Faux Piercing Body Jewelry – Faux Lip Ring

Snake bites piercing is also famous for lip piercings since it will give a strange look than the other types of piercing. In order to enable an effective manner to use to attract the best services.


  • Fake Lip Rings Try Me Set – 3 in 1 in Gold or Silver Lip Hoop

Fake lip rings are also available in the gold or silver coatings to give the people with the extraordinary rich looks. This is the best clip lip jewelry since it is made up of gold and silver, this is the main reason that which this will give the extraordinary looks. This is one form of the 3 in 1 jewelry.


  • Hinged Septum Ring – 16g 14g Steel Segment Seamless Nose Hoop – Lip Nipple Ring – Cartilage Earring – Helix Piercing – Tragus Jewelry – Rook Earring

The hinged septum ring is one form of the 14 gauge lip rings which can provide the best service to the users who wants a different kind of piercing in their earrings.


  • Lip Ring – Solid Sterling Silver Argentium Silver Rose or Yellow Gold (No Piercing Required) –  Fake Lip Rings – Fake Piercing – Silver Lip Ring

This lip piercing types make with various forms clear lip studs that can enable the feature involved with the best services that are going to be available. Since this is used in various forms there are enormous ways are available to present that.


  • Silver Fake Lip Ring – 1 Faux Clip on Lip Piercing

The silver fake lip rings can also use within the services that involves the useful for the lip piercing.


  • Turquoise Stone Helix Cartilage – Flatback Earring – Internal Thread Surgical Steel Piercing – 16g-18g Triple Helix – Tragus Conch Lip Ring

The turquoise stone helix cartilage is a type of lip jewelry that involves the best services of the lip piercing that will be varied.


Therefore by using the various kinds of the lip piercing products one can able to do piercing with the best services.

Models of Lip Piercing


celebrity-labret-piercing (1)





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