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The fashion of lip piercing is on the rise especially among the teenagers and the youth. The two simple different lip piercing types that one can go for are lip piercing stud on the upper lip or a Labret piercing at the center of the lower lip. Besides these two there are many other styles of lip piercing.


Blackline Jeweled Labret         Labret with 'O' ring cone       Rainbow Anodized Madonna Labret

In their excitement to get their lips pierced many youngsters forget that it is something that needs to be done very carefully. The first thing that you should remember is lip piercing pain is subjective. So if you know how much pain you can take you also know whether getting it pierced will hurt you or not.

16G Labret with 2mm and 2.5mm SS Bal 16G Steel Labret with Jeweled Drum Surgical steel Anodized Labrets with Ball



The lip piercing healing process takes about 6-8 weeks and if proper after care is taken the lip piercing problems can be easily avoided. For example one should avoid touching the pierced area with unwashed hands. There are chances of it getting infected with bacteria and germs. If you can make it a habit of cleaning your mouth twice a day with an antibacterial or saline water then also infection can be avoided.

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