UV Fancy Cones for Lip Eyebrow Piercing

Now ablaze your opthalmoceptive senses with the wide array of UV fancy cones for your Lip and Eyebrow piercingring or barbell. In a low budget, now you have the opportunity to define a new you every day by being able to match your piercing jewelry with your daily dress-up. Want to get more on this? Here’s your know-how:-3" barbell

Piercing Cones:
Cones on a piercing barbell are the ones that are attached on both ends of a piercing barbell. One or both ends of them are unscrewable for removal.

UV Piercing cones:
UV cones are special cones made up of UV reactive material and PMMA (i.e. Polymethylmethacrylate). They are commonly referred to as Acrylics or Acrylic resin. These cones are found aglow under sunlight and disco lights reflecting myriad of colorful rays. These cones are removable from and adjustable with any normal barbell of Acrylics or stainless steel material.

Why Fancy UV cones:

  • These are colorful, as these are available in a variety of bright and cheerful colors.
  • Therefore, these cones will match any outfit you want to cast yourself in.
  • These cones can be interchangeably fitted in the same bar jewelry of your Lip or Eyebrow time and again whenever you wish.
  • These cones are easy to handle.
  • These cones are sure to make your existence more unique and charming without emptying your pocket. So these are economical in use.
  • The colorful effect that these cones would surround you with is sure to impel all attention to concentrate on you. So these are attention- fetching.
  • These UV cones highlight the area surrounding the piercing site. So your lips and eyes are sure to evoke a distinctly sensuous appeal among all other facial features.
  • These cones are safe in two different ways:

a)      Firstly, because they are made up of bio-compatible material and;

b)      Secondly, because frequent interchange of the fancy UV cones would ensure regular change of the plastic material, attached to your skin, that is again an important part of maintaining piercing- hygiene.

  • These cones are light-weighed. Therefore these are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • These are specially fit for night time style. Though, these cute friends of yours, would suit any occasion whatsoever to make your presence felt.

These fancy UV cones for Lip and Eyebrow piercing are available distinctly for you in size 1.2 x 3mm. Try the black and white cone, the one with green and red combination, or the cone in black, pink and white, and you are sure to offer a new definition to fashion and lifestyle, which would be YOU! Grab the interesting collection of UV Fancy Cones for Lip and Eyebrow.

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