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In the world of body jewelry, the designs and patters are ceaseless. There are different types of body jewelry and they can be pierced into different parts of the body square uv ear plug. Body jewelry piercing has almost become synonymous with fashion in the youth culture but besides that many times the youngsters go for body jewelry to make a statement of their beliefs and attitude Red star tunnel. For example a youngster can silently support the legalization of marijuana with marijuana gauge logo tunnel.double flare tunnels

Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug SS CZ Bezel Set Screw Flesh Tunnels   

Ear piercings body jewelry are the most popular type of body piercing that both the guys and girls go for. The ear piercing jewelry is available made of different material starting from plastic to gold. The gold ear plugs look cute and elegant in the pierced ear.

Multi Color Jelly Ear Expander  Yellow Jelly Ear Expander  Double Flared Loaded Gun Cylinder Plug   

The ear gauges can be of different types like the screw ear gauge and the thread ear gauge plugs gauges.
The difference between the two is that whereas the former one has a screw to keep the gauge in place the latter has a thread that can be put inside the piercing and hold the jewelry in place gauges ear.

SS Spider Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel  Irish Cross Laser Cut Fake Ear Plug


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