Let butterflies dangle from your ears!

Stainless Steel Dangling Butterfly Earring
You know how butterflies are one of the prettiest creatures ever made? And how they almost always make you want to become a child again? Well, with our stunning sets of Dangling butterfly earrings, you can have a slice of cuteness and innocence jumping straight off your ears!

Why are earrings so popular?
There is no doubt about the fact that earrings are the most popular accessories when it comes to jewelry.  Ever thought about the reason? Well, logic says that a good pair of earring can draw a lot of attention to the cheekbones which further gives the impression of a balance in the facial features. In other words, they can make you look young because a long earring like a hoop can make the eyes concentrate on the lower area of the face which consequently makes the wearer looks youthful.

Design of Dangle earrings:
These are different from the regular studs or ear threads. Once you put a dangler on, they flow all down till your earlobes and some can be long enough to reach your shoulders. A thin wire travels through the ear piercing and there is a hook attached to the back which keeps the dangler from falling. These earrings give a circular face a longish appeal and make long faces look symmetrical. Wear a dangling earring and you can see your face contour change for better!

Why choose Dangling butterfly earrings?
Because it is smart, cool and stylish!

  • The dangling earrings of our collection have butterflies etched on them. As stated above, the design is unique and perfect to give you a youthful look.
  • The stainless steel material makes it durable and resistant to weather and other external factors. The earrings do not suffer from nicks and other silly damages other metals are prone to.
  • They have a beautiful glossy finish which will catch light and sparkle.
  • The earrings can suit any outfit under the sun; be it a classic Little Black Dress or a flowing maxi dress for a day out.
  • They come at extremely reasonable prices because stainless steel, as you know, costs much less than other metals like gold or silver. For example: a pair of stainless steel dangling butterfly earring bought from our store will cost you only $5.87

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