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One of the body jewelry pieces that are quite popular amongst the women is segment rings.It makes no sense to opt for captive bead ring jewelry anymore now that you have the advantage of the beautiful segment rings collection that invokes both wonder and joy. Pick up a handful in all types of materials and color and dress yourself up in the height of fashion.

Fashion has a new definition and that is piercing. Body piercing is an art which many people follows nowadays and is popular among both the sexes especially in the younger lot of people. It adds a certain zest to their style and uplifts their glamor persona.


Different Types of Jewelry in Segment Rings Collection

The seamless rings and it is a kind of body jewelry that will give itself an appearance of a solid nose rings hoops that go through your piercing. This is what makes it look bold and beautiful. Moreover, the best part about the segment rings is that you will be able to wear them in any kind of piercing, instead of going for the other common captive bead rings that you wear usually.

dangling segment rings collection



Difference between Captive Bead Rings or Segment Rings

In today’s time, there’s a wide range of jewelry captive bead ring that has come in the market and people are spending a large amount of cash in acquiring this stylish body jewelry to look glamorous segment ring. In the case of the captive bead ring, the ball uses for the closure, however, in the segment ring the smooth segment of the ring itself act as a closure.

However, the segment ring is usually thicker than the 14-gauge size and you need to visit the piercing specialist to get one. However, if you have 14 gauges one or the thinner size then you will be to insert them by yourself only. Besides, while going for them you might found yourself questioning, is it easy for septum removal? The answer is yes; with the help of segment rings, you will be able to do that.

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Segment Rings Collection Types and Designs


Titanium Segment Rings

titanium segment rings

With that said the titanium segment rings are the new talk of the town for piercing jewelry. This titanium segment ring jewelry is skin friendly and is made of high quality for long term use. The rings are not corrosive, smooth and are very safe to use. They can be easily rotated around the piercing and are available in selective range and designs.


UV Segment Rings

red uv segment rings blue UV segment rings

UV segment ring is easily affordable and light in weight as compared to that of any other heavyweight jewelry. These rings suit the best for night occasions, you can rock at your night parties with stunning UV segment rings. They shine excellently under UV lights and give you an enhanced look.

These are very exceptional jewelry and are highly biocompatible. UV segment rings are made out of UV reactive materials such as PMMA and acrylic. Acrylic rings are easy to wear and remove. These are considered as the ultimate piece of costume jewelry to wear, especially for a night out with friends.


Surgical Steel Segment Rings

surgical steel segmentrings

You can get charming and stunning designs with surgical steel segment rings. Instead of the bead, there is a removable curved segment associated with it and hence still maintains the circular shape. Each of the surgical steel segment rings design in such a way that it easily gets into a particular ring.  Round edges provided ensure utmost comfort. These surgical steel segment rings come from 316L surgical steel. These rings serve as an alternative to that of captive beads. These rings are made up of the high quality of surgical steels and don’t cause any sort of allergy. They are manufactured by keeping mind about all the exceptional standards.



Anodized Segment Rings

anodized segment rings

Simple to wear and durable without the fear of skin irritation at any stage, the anodized segment rings collection have no alternatives when it comes to body piercing jewelry.

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