The latest piercing jewelry on block: crystal stone capsules

Crystal stone capsules with epoxy cover
With crystal stone capsules, you get the chance to glam up your attire and make a fashion statement as well as gain some health benefits! The crystal capsules can be strung on a chain; you can twine them together and show the off as a bracelet or neckpiece, you can even sport a crystal capsule as ring, tongue or as a naval piercing jewelry. There are so many ways crystal capsules can be part of your new look.

Why wear crystal jewelry:
Crystal jewelry is definitely great to look at but did you know there are several positive benefits on your health and mind. It is understood that they guard the owner and bring about some good changes in his or her life. We can accordingly say that crystal capsules can serve dual purposes: they are gorgeous piercing jewelry which also has great effects.  The energy given off from this jewelry can assist you with your spiritual and bodily healing. For a long time, crystal stones have been used widely as shielding embellishments, symbols of good luck which brings forth love.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Capsules in different colors (blue, green, red, purple, black) which sparkle every time they catch light.
  • They come in epoxy cover so the stones won’t fall out.
  • Available in reasonable prices; each cost below $5, much less than mainstream accessories.
  • Can be worn with any kinds of piercings; naval, tongue or other facial ones.
  • Conventional dressers and teenagers wanting an out of the box can wear these capsules simultaneously.
  • Contrary to how it looks, a crystal capsule is quite light in weight.
  • They can be cleaned without difficulty using a toothbrush dipped in water and light scrubbing all over the exterior. That’s why you don’t have to worry over maintenance a good deal.
  • Last but not the least, let’s not forget crystal capsules can have a calming effect over your body and mind. So they can be worn regularly.
  • You can create your signature style which is both classy and stylish.

Don’t worry over creating a different look for the next party. Wear a crystal capsule as piercing accessory and see how many heads turn at you! If you want to shop for more piercing jewelry like this, you can visit

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