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Fashion micro-dermal anchor piercing jewelry is the latest trend that is being followed by many people around the world. The anchor body jewelry is implanted in the skin and comes in two parts. One part acts as the anchor that is placed under the skin so as to hold the display part in place.


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The dermal anchor bases take a little time to be planted under the skin and planting them does not cause much pain. The sizes of the dermal jewelry are usually 1.5 mm to 2 mm. One can easily find 1.5mm dermal jewelry tops that have different designs.


Crystal stone Dermal Anchor Top 

The dermal jewelry manufacturer makes sure that the material used in the making of this jewelry is safe for the body ad is not rejected by it. After all, the dermal jewelry is planted under the skin and so the body should not reject it. So, this jewelry is usually made of titanium or surgical steel.                                                        


Star Jeweled Dermal Anchor Tops  

The dermal jewelry piercing is not a very painful or lengthy process. Around part of the flesh is removed with the help of the dermal punch and the base is placed onto which the top is fitted.

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