Large spike fake ear plugs in rainbow colors- glam up your look right now!

Fake ear plugs have been very much in demand thanks to the rising trend of ear stretching. Now, we all know stretched ears look really nice but the process is quite hurtful which is why some people are wary to do anything about it. But you can always use the fake ear plugs and get the same effect as stretched ears. These ear plugs are cool and stylish and a must have in every girl’s accessory collection if she wants to look different from the rest.
We have a huge collection of fancy fake ear plugs. In fact, there are so many options; you might just end up wanting all of them. How about buying a large spike fake ear plug in rainbow colors? Now that is going to be amazing, right? Rainbow on your ears. The rings are made of UV material. So this can be the perfect accessory for night outs and parties at discos. The rings will catch light and the rainbow on your ears will sparkle and shine! A great way to turn everybody’s heads in the dancing floor.
This can be worn with any kind of casual outfit.
The rings are in the form of twisters. The plug comes in screw fit which makes it very easy to wear and remove. The barbell is 16 Gauge and hence can be worn by first time wearers and regular wearers alike. The material is 316L surgical steel. This particular alloy is well known for its strength and durability. So you can be sure that the fake ear plugs won’t fall prey to splits or nicks. Moreover it is very safe to wear accessories made from surgical steel. They are very hygienic and won’t react with your newly pierced skin in any way. Minimum order quantity is five.
One of the major reasons why we have a big list of loyal customers is because our prices are easy on everyone’s pockets. One piece of 316L Surgical Steel Anodised Screw Fit Fake Large Spike Plug costs you only $0.52. Moreover, you can get amazing discounts when you purchase accessories like this in bulk quantity.
This is still in stock. Hurry up before all of them fly off the shelves.
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